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5 best work-from-home accessories to buy this Singles’ Day

By Herman Miller Sponsored | 9 November 2020

Singles’ Day—the Chinese answer to Black Friday, and the best time of year to reap huge savings on big purchases—is nearly upon us. While the demand for luxury fashion may have waned this year, there is one thing that many people have found themselves in desperate need of in 2020: a cutting-edge work-from-home set-up. We don’t know about you, but we are done with using dining tables as desks, sitting in sub-par chairs, and plonking computers on boxes to avoid the dreaded “tech neck.”

Not only is it uncomfortable, but it’s also impossible to do your best work if you’re getting a crick in your neck or giving yourself a squint-induced migraine. Just ask the folks over at Herman Miller—these ergonomic furniture purveyors know all about the importance of comfortable, adaptable office accessories that do the work for you. 

But high-quality home office equipment costs a pretty penny, which is why we’ve done some desk research on the company’s product range so you can make the most informed decisions during their biggest sale of the year. Read on to find out the best pieces you should buy to step up your work-from-home game this Singles’ Day!

An office chair fit for the Employee of the Month

The crown jewel of Herman Miller’s catalogue is undoubtedly their ergonomic chair range, which includes the iconic Aeron chair, the health-supporting Embody chair, and more. For maximum customisability—from the colour of the upholstery to the depth of your seat—and all-encompassing back support, the cushy Embody is the chair for you. But if you’re working with specific dimensions, a hotter environment, and a tighter budget, there’s no better all-rounder than the Aeron, which comes in three sizes—all of which have a cooling mesh back. For a supportive desk chair that’s both wallet- and back-friendly, go for the Sayl, which comes in a range of sharp, eye-catching colours.

A flexi-desk for flexi-work

While we’ve heard about the benefits of standing desks for years, we admit we’ve been a bit hesitant to commit to standing full-time. Find a happy medium with an adjustable desk that does the work for you—we like the Atlas desk, which comes as a standalone item or as a full “office landscape” comprising desks, partitions, and more. Unlike a lot of other adjustable desks, the Atlas is sleek and functional all at once, meaning that you won’t have to choose between style and practicality. Its compact size also makes it suitable for smaller spaces, which is always an important factor in Hong Kong.

A monitor arm that reduces eye strain

Say no to squinting and yes to swivelling with the flexible Flo monitor arm, which lets you adjust the position of your screen with minimum effort and maximum precision. View your screen vertically, horizontally—or even tilted, if you prefer. This streamlined, easy-to-install arm can hold any monitor up to 20 pounds in weight, so it’ll suit most—if not all—desks, and works great for people who use their monitor as a touch screen. Pull your screen towards you when you want to control it with your fingertip or push it out of the way when you need to maximise your desk’s surface area for sketching and note-taking.

A lamp that pulls triple duty

Working with limited space? Go for an accessory that pulls far more than its weight with the Cubert desk lamp, which serves as an energy-efficient LED light with a touch-sensitive dimmer and automatic four-hour shut-off, while also providing a plug outlet and two USB ports. Everything about this lamp is smart, down to the USB ports themselves—if you use both at the same time, the Cubert will recognise the first device you plugged in as the “principle” device and give it higher-speed priority charging. Charge everything fully at once without having to deal with messy power boards or tangled cables—no more power struggles here.

The whole shebang

If all this sounds good to you, but you’re feeling a little hesitant about committing a big chunk of change to your office suite, we have just the thing. This Singles’ Day, the good folks over at Herman Miller are offering customers the chance to make massive savings on some of their best-selling products. From now until 14 November, get up to 25 percent off all of these ergonomic goodies and more during Herman Miller’s biggest sale of the year.

We won’t reveal everything about the deals available—that’s a surprise!—but we can tell you that the first 10 orders totalling over $5,000 during this year’s Singles’ Day Sale will qualify for a free Cubert desk lamp (worth $2,421)!

Of course, we know that it’s hard to purchase furniture sight unseen—so just drop by POSH SHOP in Central to test out a chair or two, and find out which pieces are right for you. POSH is an authorised Herman Miller dealer, so you can trust that their expert team knows what they’re talking about. They may even give you ideas on how to boost your productivity and work performance!

Herman Miller

Herman Miller is a 100-year-old-plus company that specialises in “problem-solving designs that inspire the best in people.” Named after the founder’s father-in-law—who was “a man of integrity”—Herman Miller has gained a reputation for being a socially-conscious company that prizes environmentally-friendly practices, community service, and the health and well-being of its customers and employees. Herman Miller has collaborated with some of the most outstanding designers in the world during its 100-year history, resulting in some of the most iconic pieces of furniture in modernist design—like the Eames lounge chair, the Noguchi rudder table, and more.

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