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Hypoxi: The Best Way to Target your Post Pregnancy Weight

By Promotions 14 October 2016
Snag 20% off on Hypoxi services from now until November 15 when you mention Localiiz. After giving birth mothers soon learn that their little bundle of joy quickly consumes any energy they do have, so once you do get a little time to begin the process of regaining your pre-pregnancy body, the last thing you want to do is push yourself too quickly into an intense and exhausting workout routine. That's where Hypoxi comes in. Using a combination of light exercise and compression therapy, Hypoxi can help lighten your load and reclaim that body you know is lurking there - gently and scientifically proven.

A Natural and Gentle Spot Reduction Solution

The 30-minute training sessions with the HYPOXI L250 and S120 involve being inside a high-tech alternating pressure chambers that have an integrated cycling machine. While you are gently cycling, the pressure chamber alternates Mother and child between high and low pressure, which increases blood flow in your body's 'problem areas'. This increase in blood flow also means that the fat in these areas is being burned at a faster rate, while simultaneously, excess fluid and toxins are being swept away. This method of combining gentle exercise with alternating pressure is perfect for any new mom; it effectively achieves lasting results without major physical exertion. The highly trained professionals at Hypoxi also know that you want to get your skin back to its pre-baby status after giving birth. To get the workout your skin needs, Hypoxi integrates the use of their Dermology exercise system. Utilising a high-tech HD Pressure suit, 400 active vacuum chambers work continuously on the skin in your problem areas, while you simply relax. Acting as a lymphatic massage would, the suit applies pressure in high and low variables, exercising connective tissues, stimulating metabolism in the skin, and eliminating toxins, leaving your skin fresh and firm in just a few sessions.

Tell Me More

Although we would love to talk all day about the amazing Hypoxi experience, we recommend going and testing it out for yourself - and the good news is, not only do you get a FREE TRIAL, but you don't have to do it at full price: [su_button url="" target="blank" style="3d" background="#ff4500" color="#ffffff" size="6" center="yes" radius="5" icon="icon: check"]Get 20% off on all training packages from now until November 15th with a Localiiz mention[/su_button]   Get in touch! Click here to visit the Hypoxi website and get started on getting your pre-baby body back.

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