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How to Live Like a Celebrity in Hong Kong For a Day

By Sarah Moran 3 October 2018
Admit it. At one time or another, most of us have wondered what it would be like if we could live like a true celebrity (yeah, we're talking to all you Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans out there). So, what if we told you that there is a way to live like a star for the day without actually doing any of the work? That's right, simply follow our guide and hire yourself some fake paparazzi, rent a crowd of screaming fans for the day, hit up all the right "it" places, and you’re ready to be a not-so bona fide celebrity in no time.

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Step 1: Accommodation

Like a true celebrity, your first act of the day is to post a photo on social media for all of your adoring fans. Start your day right by checking into a hotel room the night before, then in the morning, snap a photo of the view from your room and your breakfast in bed. Post it on Instagram, hashtag #blessed, location tag it, and watch the likes come flooding in. While filming her scenes for Contagion, Gwyneth Paltrow stayed in The Upper House. She enjoyed it so much that she even recommended it on her lifestyle blog Goop. With twenty one harbour-view suites, this chic boutique-like hotel offers spectacular views of the city. The rooms are flooded with natural light, centred on showstopper bathrooms with massive limestone bathtubs, and outfitted with minibars and wine fridges.
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Step 2: Dress Like a Celeb

After a luxurious bubble bath and breakfast in bed, it’s time to get dressed and get ready for your exciting day. To dress like a celebrity, you must manifest charisma, confidence, and exude that indescribable attitude of “I’m super important, darling”. The unofficial dress code of your day as a celebrity is dress to be seen – go for a pair of oversized sunglasses to “avoid” being recognised, and anything from the most high-end brands.   Take inspiration from Hong Kong model and actress, Janice Man, who is frequently spotted wearing Gucci on her Instagram, while singer Joey Yung was spotted watching the Burberry Fashion Show in London this year, so we can assume she’s a fan. If you dress head to toe in the same brand, people might even think that brand is sponsoring you!

celebrity car

Step 3: The Ride

Unlike us commoners, celebrities rarely travel on the MTR. With all that money they have to spend, they can afford to always travel in style in the comfort of their own car, but if you don’t already own your own car, you can rent a luxury one for the day to really live the glam celebrity life in Hong Kong. Alternatively, you could just hire a limousine for the day and have the chauffeur pick you up at the doorstep of your hotel.
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Step 4: Workout Class

It’s no secret that not only do celebrities spend a lot of their time working out, they’re also on top of all the latest trends – just look at Hong Kong celebrity, Nancy Wu. From aerial yoga classes at Pure, to more unique classes like underwater cycling at Velocity Studio, if you want to truly live like a celebrity, whatever the new workout trend is, you have to try it. 

celebrity shopping

Step 6: Shop Till You Drop

Treat yourself for one day, go all out and in true celebrity style, shop to your heart's content until you have enough to replace your entire wardrobe. Some of the best places to shop if you're a celebrity in Hong Kong (with a fat load of cash to spend) include ifc, Lane Crawford, and Landmark. On her blog, Gwyneth Paltrow also recommended Hong Kong cult store WOAW, and local lifestyle brand, Goods of Desire. If it's a certain style you're after, check out local startup Goxip's mobile app or site to search and shop for fashion products based on celebrities’ styles.

Step 7: Fake Paparazzi, Security, Fans

Are you really a celebrity if nobody is interested in what you’re doing? Commission your friend to act as your fake security person and yell, “No touching!” while your other friends pose as crazed fans and paparazzi, screaming your name and asking for your autograph as you strut down the street. Get them to call out questions about you and your life like, "who are you wearing today?" and "are you and (insert name) still together?" – you get the idea. Don't forget to face your adoring fans and snap-happy paparazzi with your head down and a hand raised, blocking your face from all the pap shots. Repeat this step every few hours. If your friends aren’t available, you can always go on Hellotoby and hire some part-time actors. We're not even kidding. 
[caption id="attachment_127839" align="aligncenter" width="660"]celebrity restaurant Photo from @happyparadisehk[/caption]

Step 8: Feast Like A Celebrity King / Queen

Celebrities love food as much as anyone else, and they can often be found at the top tables of the trendiest restaurants around town. Lunch in style at The Grill at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong. This alfresco venue offers poolside dining with a delectable selection of grilled specialities, homemade fruit and vegetable blends, and speciality drinks. For dinner, big-name celebrities such as Anthony Bourdain and Eason Chan have been spotted dining at Happy Paradise, which was chosen by Time Magazine as one of the world’s greatest places in 2018. Even Hong Kong singer, Joyce Chen, was rumoured to have celebrated her birthday here.
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