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How To: Get Your Kids to Enjoy Barbecue Meat

By Sponsored content 19 June 2018
Summer is the perfect time to stoke up the barbecue and enjoy a delicious feast with your family, but getting your little ones to enjoy steak and other meats can be a challenge. To help you overcome this obstacle and make your next barbecue a family affair, we get some simple tips from Asia's leading online butcher Farmer's Market.

Make the Meat Tender

No one likes chewy meat, not least children, so take some time to tenderise your beef or lamb before cooking. It's very simple, just add a little salt and put it in the fridge for up to six hours before cooking on a tray. If you can't salt it first, add a little salt afterwards to take away some of the meaty flavour that may make children turn their noses up.

Select the Right Cut

So many parents think that steak isn't suitable for children, but it's all about choosing the right cut. Select thin 'minute' steaks for kids, somewhere between 100g and 150g, and cook for one to two minutes per side. Let it rest for 10 minutes before serving and it will be juicy and tender - just perfect for young diners.

Enjoy Some Finger Food

Add some fun to the dinner table and allow your children to eat with their hands. Chicken drumsticks or lamb chops are perfect for this, and with a little bit of dipping sauce and some veggies on the side, this is an easy option for a relaxed family lunch or dinner.

Get Them To Help

If you have reluctant eaters, or a child who doesn't like trying new foods, encourage them to help you in the kitchen. They can help plan the meal, choose the ingredients, and even help you in the cooking process. The more they are involved with the cooking, the more likely it is that they will enjoy the end result.

Don't Over Serve

It's very easy to overwhelm children with too much food on their plates. By starting with small portions, and laying out a selection of side dishes in serving bowls on the table, your child can help themselves and feel in control of their meal. This is also a great way to encourage your child to try something new things - even if it's just a mouthful to start with. Bon appétit! [su_note note_color="#d8dddc" text_color="#000000"]Farmer's Market deliver farm fresh products, free of antibiotics and hormones, across Hong Kong five days a week with no minimum order. Visit their website to discover top quality meats and place your order for you own family barbecue.[/su_note]
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