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How to Find Your Perfect Partner in Wine This Summer

By Sponsored content 5 July 2019

Summer is upon us, which means days out at the beach, rooftop barbecues, and breezy afternoon picnics—and what better way to enjoy some genuine fun under the sun, than lounging back to sip on a cool, refreshing glass of wine? 
With that said, choosing the right summer wine is never easy. Luckily, WINE MOMENTS is here to help with their Wine Mini Tasting Set–Summer Edition! Whether you’re down for some cheeky day drinking with a glass of white wine, or in search for a gorgeous red to go with your barbecue steak, the mini tasting set will allow wine lovers to try out a range of summer wines, and let you decide which one (if not all) will be your perfect partner in wine this summer!


Inside the set, you will find 12 different wines individually packed in its charming little box, along with two premium wine glasses. The wines include a mixture of red, white, and rosé, each thoughtfully picked out by the brilliant team at WINE MOMENTS.
All bottles are 100ml too, making them the perfect size for those looking to try something new, without having to invest in a whole bottle. Of course, if you like what you taste, you can always commit to something bigger and purchase full-size bottles from WINE MOMENT's online store.
(Psst! There's even a discount code inside the box where you can get 15% off all full-size wines from the set!)

Now that you've got your wines and glasses in place, the only thing you have to worry about is choosing which one to start with first!

Happy sipping!

 If you would like to find out more about other exciting offers and promotions at WINE MOMENTS, be sure to get all the latest news on its official website and Facebook page. 

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