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McDonald’s is Launching Two New Hong Kong-Inspired Nugget Sauces

By Inés Fung 3 July 2019
Photo courtesy of @dailyfoodfeed
If you thought McDonald’s Hong Kong couldn’t top the annual summer relaunch of the D24 Durian McFlurry, get this: McDonald’s is making all of our cheat day meal dreams come true with the relaunch of the 18-piece Chicken McNugget meal, as well as two brand-new Shake Shake Fries flavourings, and three new McNugget dipping sauces.

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True Macca’s fans have been known to come to Hong Kong just to experience the joy of shaking up some fries, and the two new seasoning flavours are sure to be a hit. The sizzling black pepper sauce is a true Hong Kong-style Western cuisine staple, typically poured over a hot plate. And we’ve all been known to reach for BBQ-flavoured potato chips at the supermarket, so why not try it on a different style of fried potato? The real star, however, are the three new dipping sauces. Two of them are inspired by our favourite local dishes: salted egg yolk and red bean curd roast chicken. While they might be acquired tastes, we are excited to see how they might compliment a chicken nugget. The third is a refreshing lemon herb aioli sauce, perfect for balancing out the greasiness of a fast food meal. McDonald’s has also partnered up with Canto-pop stars Joey Yung and Hins Cheung to promote the new seasonings and sauces, incorporating shake-and-dip inspired dance moves in the music video for their new single “Feel The Heat”. The new Shake Shake seasonings will be out tomorrow on July 4, as well as the salted egg yolk dipping sauce. Simply upgrade your meal to try it out for yourself! Insider tip: Order the 18-piece McNuggets meal to get all four dipping sauces at once. The fourth sauce can be your choice of good ol’ sweet and sour, or tangy honey mustard. No need to wait another two weeks to try them all!
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Inés Fung

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Currently based in Hong Kong by way of Calgary, Inés has always had a passion for writing and her creative work can be found in obscure literary zines. When she’s not busy scouring the city for the best gin-based cocktail, she can be found curled up with her journal and fur-ever friend Peanut. Don’t be surprised if you cross paths with her and she already knows all your mates.