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How To Empower Your Family with DNA Testing

By Promotions 19 June 2017

Safe, Secure, Accurate, Actionable DNA Testing

Advanced Genomic Solutions (AGS) empowers its clients with its unique genetic information to make healthier lifestyle choices. 

Have you ever wondered why you're unable to effectively lose weight, despite practicing a strict diet and exercising regularly ? Ever wonder why you constantly crave certain foods? Or why you don’t respond well to your training regimen? Little do most of us know that all of these answers are hidden in our genes. DNA is the genetic material that determines your traits and influences how your body functions. This information can help you understand crucial aspects of yourself such as how your body responds to exercise and how it metabolises sugars and fats. At AGS, the personalised health and wellness genetic test is used to help you understand your unique genetic makeup in order to make healthier lifestyle choices. This information will then form the foundation to create optimal diet plans, exercise routines, and lifestyle structures.

So How Does it Work?

It all starts with a quick and painless cheek swab. This sample of your DNA will be tested and processed in AGS's very own laboratory in Hong Kong, which utilises U.S.-based technology. Within 7 to 10 days, your results will be delivered and your complimentary consultation will be scheduled, where you will learn everything you need to know about your unique genetic makeup!

Is Genetic Testing the Right Thing for You? 

Many people see the AGS health and wellness genetic test as an asset for athletes or individuals who exercise regularly or want to lose weight. However, this test is actually beneficial and useful to absolutely everyone. It is a test that will provide you with a lifetime of knowledge and understanding of your own body. This can be clearly demonstrated through the example of the everyday lifestyle of a regular family. Let's start with dad - A father, over-worked and running on a lack of sleep, still tries to build muscle to stay in good physical shape. Going to the gym at least two times per week is already a hassle, but in addition to that, not seeing any obvious progress after weeks of exercise brings his motivation down to new lows. After seeing an advertisement for the AGS health and wellness genetic test, he decides to take the test as it would present the reasons as to why his exercise regimen hasn’t been very effective. The test displays that he has more slow-twitching muscles and better cardiac response, which means he should be more focused on endurance rather than power training. With this new knowledge, he is now able to train more efficiently, allowing himself to live a healthier lifestyle. What about mum? A mother, struggling between handling the lives of her children and keeping her busy schedule on track, decides to go on the trendy low carb diet to see if she could lose some weight. Most of her friends have gone on this diet and have seen incredible results, so why not give it a try? One month into the diet she notices almost no physical changes, despite being obedient and taking the diet very seriously. Besides that, she is also experiencing increased cravings for carb based foods. A friend of hers recommends the AGS health and wellness genetic test to understand why the low carb diet isn’t showing any progress for her body, but is for the rest of her friends. The test showed that her body is actually not sensitive to carbs, but monounsaturated fats (MUFA). Having too much of the MUFAs like olive oil and avocado, which she thought it was good for her health, could easily increase her weight. Since everyone has a unique genetic makeup, it is important to understand the foods that function best in your body and create a personalised diet to maximise the potential of reaching your goals. Last but not least, the little ones - A child, only eight years old has a difficult time concentrating in school, complaining that he is chronically sleepy. His parents are concerned, wondering what his diagnosis may be. Their first step was giving him a well-rounded number of vitamins and mineral supplements, but mum is starting to be exhausted with the number and types of supplements tried and doesn't want to overfeed her child with these ‘’nutrition tablets’’. After minimal improvement, they were advised to go forth with the health and wellness genetic test to see if there is any issue foreseen in his genes. The test results proved that extra iron and a special form of folate, the methylfolate, were highly necessary for the child, as the lack of them show clear side effects such as fatigue. This child will now understand that for the rest of his life, iron and folate in the form of methylfolate are the main vitamins-of-focus for his best function in daily life. Instead of overusing various different types of supplements in desperation to find a cure, AGS can help you immediately identify the issue and provide you with a comprehensive explanation on how to solve the problem.

Understand Your DNA

And there you have it! If you were having doubts about whether genetic testing would be of any use to you or not, you shouldn't be now. Understanding one's own genetic make-up can be of use to anybody anywhere. There are countless reasons why you should take a deeper look into your DNA and countless benefits you can gain from being more knowledgeable about your body. And in honour of all the ways AGS can help everyone in your family, they have launched a family package, saving you and your loved ones up to $1,000 upon booking for three or more family members. Find out more here or go ahead and make a booking by calling +852 26182591!

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