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The Ultimate Same Day Grocery Delivery Service: Honestbee to the Rescue

By Promotions 29 August 2016
When it comes to time, Hong Kongers don't have much to spare, and this is where the concierge type same-day grocery delivery service offered by honestbee might come in to save the day. Whether we're raising a family, networking with colleagues, studying for exams, or setting up a week's worth of Tinder dates, it's no surprise that grocery shopping tends to be the least of our priorities. Even when free time happens to fall into our laps, the thought of traveling, navigating the box-strewn aisles, queuing to pay, then hauling a week's worth of food home is hardly tempting. Honestbee, Asia's leading online grocery concierge service, buzzes to our rescue with grocery delivery straight from the aisles to our doorstep. Intrigued by how it works, and indeed, why we'd want to use a concierge grocery delivery service at all, Jessica Shih to explain it all. This is what she told us:

It's convenient

Ordering from your favourite grocery stores through Honestbee is a simple click away, whether onHonestbee Online Grocery Delivery Service - Handpicking your fruit and veg their website or through their mobile app. They boast an inventory of more than 20,000 grocery items, from most major supermarket brands, allowing customers to chose across different stores in the same order. You'll never have to forego your favourite product just because it's at another store. Live in a walk up or a far from decent shop? Not a problem. Honestbee delivers to every part of Hong Kong Island and will even carry your groceries to your door. They haven't started delivering to Kowloon or the outer lying islands yet, but stay tuned on this front!

It's personalised

Once you've placed your order, a trained concierge shopper takes your order straight to the aisles. 'Shopper Bees', as they are called, have been one-on-one trained to pick the freshest produce, vegetables, fruits, fish, and meats. If you want a just-ripe avocado, that is exactly what you will get. More than that, Shopper Bees have been trained to offer you intelligent substitutions if a particular product is out of stock, which means that you'll never be caught an ingredient short of a full dinner again.

honestbee same day grocery delivery - quick and within an hour It's fast

When you place your order, you'll be asked to pick a one hour delivery window that same day that works for you. If life gets in the way, you can change your delivery window – as long as it's at least two hours before your order is meant to arrive.

 It's cheaper for you through Localiiz

It sounded good so we did a 'secret shopper' test and we were impressed. If you want to give it a try, and as long as you are a first time user of Honestbee, you can receive $80 off a $250 order with the promo code: HKLOC80 from now until September 29th.  [su_button url="" target="blank" style="flat" background="#ff9900" color="#ffffff" size="5" center="yes" radius="5"]START SHOPPING NOW![/su_button]   Have more detailed questions about Honestbee's concierge service? Click here for their FAQ section or watch a short video clip here. [su_note note_color="#fff8b2"]

Who uses honestbee?

Working mothers

"Honestbee has been a dream come true for working mothers like myself. They shop like how I would, choosing the best and freshest ingredients and items. Now I can spend more meaningful quality time with my boys!” – SARA YEOW

Those who hate carrying heavy packages

“Cool service! I can order things that are too heavy for me to carry and get them delivered to my doorstep.” – NAINA AGARWAL

Stay at home moms

"Before I knew about Honestbee, I'd often get caught out; playdates would change and we'd suddenly have a house full of hungry kids. Now it's easy to place an order and restock fast." – SARAH LANE

Working couples who entertain

"Thank you again for a fast and complete delivery. It means the world to know that when we place the order, there's somebody out there shopping for us who actually cares about our order and will get the best cut of meat, and the freshest vegetables, and that we won't be left embarrassed when our guests arrive." – STEVE CHOW [/su_note]

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