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Giddy Up: The Most Creative Ode to the Year of The Horse Yet!

By Localiiz 24 February 2014
February 24th 2014 The Year of the Horse is well on its way, but the celebrations, particularly in video form, are far from over in Hong Kong. We have for you yet another video dedicated to CNY, this time coming courtesy of Treacle, a cutting-edge animation and post-production studio based right here in the city. The super-short animation sees illuminated horses galloping through the uncharacteristically empty streets of Hong Kong, past yarn bombings, through Jardine’s Bazaar and across tram tracks.   Treacle gallops through the streets of Hong Kong from Treacle on Vimeo. An eye-catching video can always get your company that extra attention that it might need. Click here for some of the best Hong Kong videographers Treacle has definitely raised the Year of the Horse video bar with their limitless imagination and creativity in utilising our city as a backdrop for their impressive animation work. Creative Director Tom Mitchell said, “We wanted to show the beauty of this modern metropolis at night. We did this by combining realistic 3D animation with live-action footage. The neon horses represent Hong Kong as the vibrant city of lights.”

And what a striking representation it is! Thank you Treacle, for this delightful treat.

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