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We #GetRipped with Studio Fitness!

By Vanessa Helder 11 August 2017
Looking to shift a few extra pounds without having to endure the standard tedious work out regimen? We've discovered the perfect solution for you to achieve your dream bod whilst enjoying yourself! Localiiz's Vanessa Heldner undergoes a Studio Fitness transformation and tells us about her journey with Personal Trainer, Rachel Haslam. 

What is Studio Fitness?

Not your average fitness studio... Conveniently located in the heart of Central in the World Wide Commercial Building on Wyndham Street, Studio Fitness prides itself on fast-track results, efficiency, and 24/7 "one-on-one" commitment to its clients to whom it provides tailored training and nutrition programs combined with a wonderful sense of community. As opposed to the standard atmosphere of traditional gyms, Studio Fitness is set up with an array of neon fluorescent lights and large windows, and is equipped with a banging sound system giving you the illusion of being in a nightclub - only, you're also surrounded by state-of-the-art training equipment. This high energy ambience definitely gets your blood pumping and gives you that extra kick of adrenaline you need to give it your all during your workout.

#GetRipped  #GetJacked  #Hardcore  #CutFat  #PersonalTraining

[caption id="attachment_96215" align="aligncenter" width="640"] The Localiiz team pump some iron with Jim Stephenson[/caption] My first visit to the studio was for a team-building class hosted by trainer Jim Stephenson (pictured above). Jim was an awesome trainer, carefully adapting to each of our strengths and weaknesses and switching up exercises according to our capabilities. We were able to choose the weights we were comfortable with and he closely guided us through each drill. After completing an hour of the Get Ripped class, a combination of cardio and strength, we were left with burning limbs and pain that lasted a good few days, yet guaranteed a sense of accomplishment and progress. After all, if you don't feel anything, you're not doing it right! Studio Fitness isn't for the faint-hearted, however, so be ready to push yourselves to the limit and work towards solid visible progress. You're guaranteed to burn over 500 calories every time! No worries about getting drenched in sweat, as the studio provides showers with shampoo and body wash, as well as towels and hairdryers. Water is available for purchase at the front desk where you can also choose to buy one of several class packages. Protein shakes are also available for pre and post workouts, each named after the three core classes: Cut Fat, Get Ripped and Get Jacked - with the same goals! At Studio Fitness, all workouts are tailored so that you can select your personal focus and goals in each class – You build stamina in Get Ripped with supersets and additional sets of core exercises. They focus on two muscle groups every day to ensure that each muscle group is hit twice weekly if you really commit to the workout program. If you lean more towards cardio, try the Cut Fat class for some high intensity training. If strength conditioning is your thing- try Get Jacked to build Muscle and increase strength, or Hardcore to supercharge your six packs in 55 minutes of core strength exercises. If you're new to working out, however, or prefer to have a little guidance, do invest in some well worthwhile PT sessions with the Studio Fitness trainers.

The Experience

Session One

After the demanding initial training with Jim, I now had to worry about my first Personal Training course, which was split into three sessions. Cardio has always been my go-to and being someone who has rarely had any experience in strength conditioning, I was definitely weary about what was to come. However, personal trainer Rachel successfully eased my insecurities by patiently taking me through the various drills and explaining the correct form and benefits of each exercise. After starting off with a consultation to go through my general fitness goals as well as background, diet and any injury history, I also quickly became more comfortable with the workouts, which Rachel adjusted according to my capabilities, whilst still pushing me to reach my boundaries. After running through a few sets of legs and core focused exercises, I thought that my body was soon going to give in - but Rachel made it clear that giving up wasn't an option! With the encouragement of my trainer and energetic atmosphere of the studio, I was able to push through the final few sets of planking and back exercises and finally finished off with some well-needed stretching. I left my first PT session already knowing that the next few days would be filled with tight muscles and sore limbs, but also having peace of mind that this was the feeling of achievement and knowing that this was the change that would allow me to be even stronger next time.

Session Two

Five minutes into the session, I regretted expecting that my second session was going to be easier than the first. With a perfect balance of improving my strengths in legs and upper body, mixed with training the lack of in my core, I crawled out of the studio at the end of my full body workout. Again, there was more than one instance where death seemed to be looming yet I was made to realise that I did have the strength to power through!

Session Three

By now I had come to terms with the fact that sore muscles is all part of the game, and I started to becoming accepting of this, knowing that I was improving my body in the long run. For the last session, we worked through various sets of lunges, squats, overhead presses, romanian dead-lifts, weighted step-ups, and planks. Each class seemed to just get harder, but also became more enjoyable as I grew more familiar with the movements and started to see the visible progress. As a result, after only 3 sessions, I already see unquestionable improvement in my strength and ability to perform weight training activities. I've learnt to enjoy strength conditioning and will definitely incorporate it into my standard workout routines.
If you want to get fit quick, and have an awesome time while doing it, this is definitely the place for you!

[su_box title="Start your Journey..." box_color="#fab754" title_color="#000000" radius="2"] Studio Fitness are offering free trial classes including a complimentary 30 minute consultation for personal training. Contact them on 9450 5600 or check out their website here and you'll be showing off your perfect dream body in no time! [/su_box]

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