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TST East Alfresco Lane’s hottest summer happy hour deals

By Localiiz Branded | 20 August 2021

Header image courtesy of Tsim Sha Tsui Centre & Empire Centre

Located along the seaside strip of East Tsim Sha Tsui, the Victoria Harbour-facing Alfresco Lane boasts a roster of amazing eateries and watering holes that are just ripe for open-air dining and chilling. Aside from a warm welcome at these locations, you can also receive a complimentary drink for happy hour!

From now until 31 October 2021, simply present the code “ALFRESCOLANE” when ordering from the à la carte menu of Alfresco Lane restaurants and bars, and enjoy the lovely flavours of an expertly concocted tipple to complement your meal. Explore this summer haven by checking out the hottest deals on offer below.


Pablo Modern Mexican Cocina

The latest addition to the line-up, Pablo Modern Mexican Cocina dials up the heat by bringing in some Latin flair befitting for the summertime. Inspired by the creative spirit of the renowned artist Pablo Picasso, the food creatively transforms Mexican cuisine with a Southeast Asian kick.

Drawing many curbside tipplers, the front area keeps its elegant floor-to-ceiling doors wide open for seated diners to take in a first-class view of the harbour. On top of being stimulating visually, their reimagined classics are guaranteed to deliver multi-dimensional tastes that will awaken all your senses. Try the signature mezcal Negroni ($138) made from their own unique infusion that is tailored to make an impact with its balancing act of sweet and bitter.

For something with a more dramatic presentation, watch as a server brandish a zesty Calaveras ($138) from under thick clouds of smoke in a bell jar, presenting you with a bold yet comforting concoction. Head on over between 3 pm to 8 pm on any day of the week to enjoy their happy hour deals and get the fiesta started!

Pablo, G80–85, Tsim Sha Tsui Centre, 66 Mody Road, East Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 3741 2990

Photo: Boticario @ Alfresco Lane


Sometimes all we need for a little healing is a bit of liquid therapy. Evident in its name, as it translates to “apothecary” in Portuguese, Boticario’s botanical-laced blends and comforting dishes are just what the doctor ordered.

Revel in the touches of pre-war Buenos Aires in their muted emerald palette, contrasted against ore-black fittings and tropical wallpapers. Their expansive patio and spacious balcony offer up panoramic views of the beautiful waters in the distance. Relax amongst the charming ambience and find restoration in their deliciously hearty “remedies,” such as the piping hot cheese croquette ($118) with spiced tomato sauce, or the chicken Milanesa ($188).

Cure your woes about the sweltering heat with their brilliant two-for-one “healing hours,” striking every day between 3 pm to 7 pm. Pick your elixir from a choice of wines, house spirits, beers, or even one of their remedial cocktails. Each of their customised concoctions has been devised with a quick fix in mind, be it the rum-based Smoke Bomb ($98) that aims to raise your auspicious vibrations, or the Brave Bullfighter ($108) with rare Eastern gin that is meant to light a sanguine fire from underneath you.

Boticario, G05 & UG15, Tsim Sha Tsui Centre, 66 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 2765 0800

Photo: SP Flower & Tea Room @ Alfresco Lane

SP Flower & Tea Room

Although its meaning may often be intertwined with drinking intoxicants, happy hour can also be a time for rest and bodily recuperation. An oasis of calm that presents blissfully nourishing drinks, SP Flower & Tea Room is a beautifully decorated tea parlour that also plates up healthy and hearty foods.

Pastel all over, with floral detailing smattered everywhere, this highly Instagrammable space brings a level of attention to aesthetics that also extends to their food and drinks. Several diets are catered to without compromising on deliciousness, like the keto-friendly naturally fed chicken & quinoa salad with Earl Grey jelly ($128) and the vegetarian signature waffle or pancake with Impossible meat ($142).

Keep the ball rolling after your first drink, as the second drink will be put forth at 50 percent off, available from 3.30 pm to 6.30 pm from your usual Mondays to Thursdays. Watch the languid bloom of flowing botanicals in the floral tea named Blossom ($58), or swirl together the gorgeous purples and light yellows of Blue Pomelo ($58).

SP Flower & Tea Room, Shop G64–66, Tsim Sha Tsui Centre, 66 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 2789 3339


Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant

Lounging at a beer garden is a sensational German experience that’s hard to beat. The front patio of Brotzeit German Bier Bar and Restaurant is decked out in elegantly rustic wood-topped benches, reminiscent of the plywood picnic tables you would find at an Oktoberfest celebration.

Get a fix of the Bavarian taste with the Mixed Board ($238), a board full of German cold cuts and cheeses, or nibble on their freshly baked Brezn ($28)—Bavarian pretzels. Make the most out of your summertime happy hours by taking a huge swig of German draught beer, brewed using pure spring water flown in from the source.

A refreshing gulp of ice-cold original Münchner lager ($45) will let you know exactly why it is the best-selling Munich lager in the world. If hops aren’t up your alley, why not try one of their wine varieties or a classic cocktail? Making time so you can catch golden hour hitting the pier, their happy hour runs between 12 pm to 7 pm every day.

Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant, G6 & UG16, Tsim Sha Tsui Centre, 66 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 2316 2666


Spasso Italian Bar & Restaurant

Delight in an indulgent meal that brings you to the coast of Italy—all without even having to leave the Tsim Sha Tsui harbour. Equipped with a stylish open-air terrace and sleek interiors surrounding a luminous open kitchen, Spasso Italian Bar and Restaurant is a spectacular space that encapsulates the carefree spirit of Italian dining.

An unbeatable favourite, spoil yourself silly by tucking into their hand-tossed, oven-baked pizzas, which go for the mind-boggling price of $99 on Sundays after 6 pm! Choose from traditional toppings like the ever-fantastic Margherita or the cheese-loaded burrata cacio e pepe.

What’s more, there is a taste of France here, too. On Mondays to Wednesdays between 3 pm to 10.30 pm, shuck and slurp up some French oysters that are available for only $10 each with every drink purchase. Weekday visits also call for a hard-hitting free-flow drinks package, serving up a stunning list of drinks non-stop for only $138.

Spasso Italian Bar & Restaurant, G5–8 & G12–17, Empire Centre, 68 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 2730 8027

Photo: Wooloomooloo @ Alfresco Lane

Wooloomooloo Steakhouse

Although a premium steakhouse may not be the first thing that comes to mind upon the mention of an evening of chilled-out drinks, Wooloomooloo Steakhouse is an excellent contender for where to head to for happy hour!

A hotspot along Alfresco Lane, this classy and upbeat spot brims with a lively atmosphere. Soak in the picturesque views of the harbour from their sweeping open-air dining space, or the glistening upper-level that offers an elevated vantage point.

Spotlighting the unique taste of Western Australia, their wet-aged Wooloomooloo steak (starting from $420) is a specialty that showcases what they do best. For more petite nibbles to go along with your summer nightcap, try the ham tasting platter ($288) with three choices of meats, accompanied by pickled veggies and foccaccia.

Pours between 3 pm to 7 pm can be enjoyed at a happy hour rate, with top-notch options ranging from a near-freezing draught ($45) to a simple yet satisfying glass of Italian chianti ($80). For a true taste of the Australian outback, check out their Australian-style gin and tonics, featuring aromatic options like the Applewood Sundowner ($138) and the citrus-laced Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz ($148).

Wooloomooloo Steakhouse, G7–8 & UG17–18, Tsim Sha Tsui Centre, 66 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 2722 7050


Namo Avant Thai Restaurant

Namo Avant Thai Restaurant pairs a fresh perspective with a vibrant palate, infusing traditional Thai cuisine with modernised cooking techniques and flair. An ideal set-up of commodious wicker couches is arranged all along the front, making it just the spot to admire the Victoria Harbour view whilst lounging with a chilled cocktail in hand.

What better way to accompany your cool-off than with a mouthwatering rotation of made-to-share grilled fare and skewers? Conjure up beachside vibes with the aptly named pork platt-aya (starting from $88), beside a bundle of shrimp lollipops (starting from $68) and coconutty beef satay skewers (starting from $78).

Visit on any day of the week between 3 pm to 8 pm and sample their range of exotic mixes for friendly happy hour prices! Soak in true Thai flavours with the kaffir-tinged Dragonfly ($118), served with a wedge of dragon fruit that teeters on the edge of the glass like—you guessed it—a dragonfly. Sticking to the iconic fruits of the nation, the mango sticky rice martini ($98) and non-alcoholic pineapple slush ($58) are other summery selections to opt for.

Namo Avant Thai Restaurant, G2–4 & G18–22, Empire Centre, 68 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 2739 1133

Photo: Villa 26 @ Alfresco Lane

Villa 26

European-style grill and seafood spot by day, full-fledged bar by night, Villa 26 brings to the alfresco Tsim Sha Tsui strip a multifaceted mix of French-, German-, and Italian-inspired bites. Chatter with your loved ones and friends over chic high tables under the glow of glittering fairy lights as you gaze out at the gorgeous sight of the harbour.

Boasting happy hour sessions between 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm, prices are slashed on not only their refreshing drinks, but also their exquisite sharing plates! Pore over a platter of cured 60-months Ibérico ham ($308) that goes hand in hand with their varied cheese platter ($138) heaping with brie, black truffle cheese, and gorgonzola cheese.

Drawing inspiration from the blooming fruits of summer, their exclusive cocktails are also part of the specials on offer. Rejuvenate yourself with the sweet yet slightly tangy Strawberry Blossom ($88), and wash away the stresses of the weekdays with the mango-and-melon-flavoured Double M ($88).

Villa 26, G28, Tsim Sha Tsui Centre, 66 Mody Road, East Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 2724 0707

If your happy hour consists of coffees and croissants rather than cocktails and canapés, there are also some wondrous coffee houses nearby to explore along the alfresco strip. Kick back with your four legged friend amongst the hipstery comforts of Black Sugar Coffee, beside a plate of homemade waffle with ice cream ($88) next to a gorgeous hand drip Colombian coffee ($65).

Just down the road lies Le Pain Quotidien, translated to 'the daily bread' in French, a space that brings an authentic taste of European baked goods in an airy continental setting. Stay put and tuck into some nourishing goodies, like their signature avocado toast tartine ($102) or classic pain au chocolat ($23) next to a cup of organic espresso (starting $25), and watch languidly as shuffling pedestrians stroll by.

Tsim Sha Tsui Centre & Empire Centre

Located in the bustling retail and hospitality hotspot of East Tsim Sha Tsui, Tsim Sha Tsui Centre & Empire Centre offer spectacular views of Victoria Harbour. The complexes are also known for their shared Alfresco Lane, where diners can enjoy first-rate international cuisine in a unique harbourside alfresco experience.