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An interstellar tour through PONG LKF

By Localiiz Branded | 22 October 2021

Famed for their innovative games systems, sleek vibes, and premium entertainment, the PONG group has brought their signature panache to a dazzling new location in the heart of buzzing Lan Kwai Fong. Imagined as a golden space vessel, it has finally landed and anchored itself as a meeting point for groovy space dwellers and eager explorers. Step inside this gilded hub of lights, music, and fun, and set off on a journey into the depths of night.

Join the tribe

What’s an adventure without a crew? Not your average nightlife venue, the trendiest of jet-setters from all over the city, and even the world, are drawn to the illumination of the bedazzling PONG atmosphere. The perfect spot to make unforgettable memories with a crowd that moves with positive vibrations only.

Bring your group of friends and party animals aboard with an exclusive membership that opens up to some out-of-this-world perks. Leap into the possibilities and take a shot at becoming one of the leading astronauts on this mission! Find out more on the how to enlist by clicking here!

Explore the cosmos

This tip-top 3200-square-foot space is not just glitz and glam for the eyes and the Instagram pictures, as all your other senses will have you know. Let the brilliant colours flash and wash over, lifting you off into the galactic vortex of hypnotic chromas and lights. Move to the pulsing rhythm of the hardest-hitting chart-toppers blasted by the coolest DJs about town, with each night from Wednesdays to Saturdays hosted by a different spinner.

Keep your ears perked for themed nights, as every Wednesday is dedicated to satisfying K-pop enthusiasts, whilst Thursdays are for the hip-hop heads, with a frequent array of events and parties to boot. Dance and party the night away, celebrating all the awesome space matter that the galaxies of PONG LKF have to offer.

Intergalactic battles

No trip would be complete without getting your hands on the one-of-a-kind PONG Connect tables for some friendly competition. Docked in the main area are two fantastic arenas, where you can live out the quest to conquer the ultimate glory of becoming a beer pong champion or slap-cup hero. 

One of the first amongst the scene to showcase interactive tech, the highly innovative PONG Connect allows players to have a real-time battle in different locations across the world. Face your friends, or make some new ones at the table, and spar your hearts out.

An unforgettable voyage

Elevate your night to the next level by discovering the opulent comforts nestled in the privacy of the exclusive VIP rooms. Make the most of your night by revelling in the unparalleled privacy of one of three beautifully designed and equipped party cellars, replete with an added electronic lock as extra guarding. 

Arranged under the themes of the elusive “Danger,” the classically classy “Eden,” and palatial “Garden,” this is a venue that will delight both your artistic taste and all your senses. No matter the celebration, this stunning private spot is exactly the place for you and your close-knit squad to go all out and get in some crazy fun with each other’s favourite people. Intrigued? Dive into the celestial oasis to find out for yourself.

Board the galactical spaceship of PONG LKF and explore what this beautiful space has to offer, forming astronomical connections all along the way. Revel in all its spacious glory that is tailor-made to raise the vibrations on all your private events and parties.


Depart on an adventure on the golden spaceship that blasts off from the heart of Lan Kwai Fong. Party the night away in one of three beautifully gilded VIP rooms, or raking your wins at the state-of-the-art beer pong and slap cup tables, whilst the pulsing beast wash over you into the late night.

1/F, Ho Lee Commercial Building, 38–44 D’Aguilar Street, 17–19 Lan Kwai Fong, Central

(+852) 5394 3686

(+852) 5394 3687