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Restaurant Review: Orka, a wellness-infused all-day dining concept

By Localiiz Branded | 15 June 2022

Header image courtesy of Orka 

A welcome change of pace from the always-bustling Wyndham Street, Orka is a comforting oasis that brings inclusive, wellness-focused dining to the heart of the city. The multifaceted food and beverage concept is built upon a mission to energize the everyday lives of Hong Kong's urban dwellers through a high-quality menu and experiences to parallel. Slow down, press pause, and tune in to the enriching nourishment you can indulge in at Orka.


When co-founder of Orka Wellness Concept Nobin K. John was faced with a lack of health-focused eateries that provided experiences for people to forge memories over good food and drinks together, he felt prompted to open the doors to socially responsible sustenance for local diners. A place where anyone can celebrate good food and good times, and it all happens to be a healthy affair with no guilt!

Drawing upon his combined experience as a board-certified functional medicine health coach and holistic medicine and nutrition expert, Orka began to take shape in Hong Kong. "I believe by following an all-inclusive, and plant-forward approach we could all be working together one step at a time, to make this world a better place faster,” explains Nobin.

Having now earned a silver certification under Foodpanda’s Certified Sustainable label, Orka has quickly proven the power of its unique approach to food. From sourcing and managing waste to product and delivery packaging, Orka upholds sustainability from start to finish, with carbon reduction running throughout multiple facets of its business model. Its commitment to sustainable cuisine runs deep, also being a tenet upheld by its corporate and event catering.


Recently refreshing its menu, the new all-day selection has been fine-tuned by executive chef to the celebrities, Tom Burney, who leads with sustainability as a major tenet. Having earned the title of Hong Kong’s Food Hero of 2019 by Foodie Hong Kong, as well as being awarded Hong Kong Dining Awards’ accolade of Best Caterer of 2021, any menu worked on by Burney is one that is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind delicious. Although geared towards health-conscious eaters, Orka’s holistic fare will impress not just the aforementioned diners, but individuals of all dietary persuasions.

Comb through its menu and you will notice that the featured dishes are subtitled with background information on the sources and carbon footprint behind the very ingredients that make their way to your plate. Honouring what the earth can give us, Burney believes the best produce comes when we “let the soil be its best self,” evident in his dishes’ emphasis on seasonal freshness, unlocking the innate goodness of the food itself.

Just look at the wealth of options under the versatile wellness salad selection ($128), ranging from the signature organic hummus to delectable mix-ins like the Mediterranean-inspired energy garden salad or vegan bacon that you’re hard-pressed to find at the typical health food outlet, proving once and for all that “you can have much more than just a salad.”

Allowing diners to enjoy their food in their freshest form, the in-house dining experience at Orka is one that emphasises their signature ingredients with gourmet preparation. Bringing the deliciousness to you as well, the items listed on Foodpanda and Deliveroo have been honed to suit busy daily living. Handy to munch on while on the go yet still filling you up with their wholesomeness, its salads are converted to pita pockets and burgers, while their coffees, teas, and smoothies give you an easy boost.

Leading the Orka menu with fresh ingredients and superfoods, the soon-to-launch à la carte selections meld lush fixings with delicious flavours. Orka’s signature dishes cover the whole spectrum of taste, allowing diners complete control over their choices, and, as a result, its carbon footprint as well as nutritional health. In both the executive set lunch and executive set dinner menus, main dishes are available in both vegan and non-vegan forms.

Inclusivity is at the heart of every meal at Orka. Even if a plant-based eater wants to share a meal with their meat-loving friend, both are able to tuck into a mouth-watering, classic Wellington that offers the same burst of deliciousness—the former will be biting into beets while the latter enjoys sustainably-sourced beef. Be sure to head on to unveil the rest of its delectable eats after the debut of the new menu on 15 June!

Orka never says no to good wines and cocktails either, hosting a list of sustainable, organic, and vegan wines to choose from that each pair perfectly with a wealth of offerings. Its well-stocked beverage menu also showcases its passion for coffee, organic single-origin teas, plant-based tea lattes, and even cocktails infused with superfoods.

Its coffee, sold under the banner of Orka Coffee Designs, uses beans roasted by renowned local baristas as well as international baristas with plenty of accolades under their belts. For coffee lovers, the unparalleled single-origin award-winning omega 3-infused coffee bean is a sure hit. Health-giving organic omega-3 oil is infused directly into the roasting process, making it great for better absorption of the coffee which goes towards enhancing brain and heart health.

Cocktails designed by award-winning bartender Ezack are one-of-the-kind in the way that all of them omit the unhealthiest part of every cocktail—sugar. Instead, Ezack uses sous-vide fruits to sweeten the deal. What makes them truly surpass the benchmark is the addition of organic Peruvian and Asian superfoods into the mix, giving your body an extra layer of nutrition. Its signature, The Remedy, seamlessly melds organic black pepper and turmeric into a gin-based beverage sweetened with vegan honey derived from coconut palm.

Venue and atmosphere

Also touching upon the oft-overlooked aspects of mindful eating and food as a tool for bonding, Nobin laments that “everyone wants to do F&B, but nobody wants to do an F&B experience.” A firm believer in “the power of food,” he created Orka to be more than just a place for hasty sustenance, with the DNA of the space itself intended to provide a restful environment infused with a sense of community (although the quicky menu does make it easy to grab something good for you while on the go).

Orka’s flagship store is at once a restaurant, a retail space, as well as an incubator for hosting workshops and events on its first floor. Available for hire, the upper level is intended to serve as an impromptu gathering spot for wellness classes, celebrations, performances, seminars, pop-ups, and even personal events. Adorned in earth-toned finishes with industrial-style elements throughout, Orka upholds all of its effectual aims without ever “sacrificing the experience of a vibe.” What’s more, the in-house shop allows diners to bring home its signature ingredients and Orka’s homemade products. Dine-in guests can also enjoy a 20 percent discount on all retail items on show. Feel all five dimensions of taste and vibe out with your loved ones in the cosy and airy ambience of this venue.


Created by an award-winning team helmed by Nobin K. John and Aswini Rachel Mathew, Orka is a wellness concept bringing a new kind of wholesome dining to Hong Kong. Compatible with all sorts of diets, be it vegan or otherwise, diners are encouraged to connect for a mindful eating and drinking experience.

36 Wyndham Street, Central

(+852) 3489 1217