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Sweets experts Hans & Gretel is coming to Tseung Kwan O!

By Localiiz Branded | 21 June 2022

Header image courtesy of Hans & Gretel

Adorned with fun-sized, whimsical recreations of lollies, cupcakes, and marshmallows, it is as if the storefront of Hans & Gretel has transformed the pages of a storybook into reality. Adding to its growing roster of brick-and-mortar shops, the new Tseung Kwan O branch of this beloved sweets expert is now ready to welcome sweet tooths. Step inside this funhouse of fanciful confectionaries and see your sweet dreams come to life!

Established in the heart of Athens, Greece, Hans & Gretel was first brought to life in 2017. Each shop is a wonderland that melds together universally loved fairy-tales and the flavours of childhood. Since then, the magical sweets house has travelled around the world to open in 25 nations, including the UK, Germany, Dubai, Turkey, and all the way to Hong Kong.

Imagined as a candied gingerbread house, its two locations in Tseung Kwan O and Causeway Bay are both decorated in charming fairytale references throughout, from the twisting branches that drip down icicles of multi-coloured sweets to the candy counters and ice cream freezer bursting with signature handmade produce. 

What’s more, the upper floor of the two-storey Causeway Bay venue can also be rented out for private parties and bespoke events! A gathering at this gorgeous, Instagrammable location spent making merry and munching is simply an absolute dream come true.

The sweets at Hans & Gretel have been lovingly curated by the heroes behind the brand, discovered during their travels around the globe. Starring the purple-clad good witch Emily and playful little boy Hans as life-sized fixtures, kids are sure to have a delightful time exploring the enchanting setting with their new fictional friends. Not simply an extravaganza of visuals and taste, visitors can also indulge in the aroma of freshly made bubble waffles and chimney cake, and feel the air of buzzing excitement that is always around.

For those who want to take the party back home with them, Hans & Gretel also offers deliveries via Foodpanda! Go wild with your order, as you can customise the desserts and mix-and-match your candy and chocolate selections to suit your sweetest fantasies. Here’s what you can expect from the signature selection at Hans & Gretel:

Photo: Hans & Gretel

Chimney cake

Encircling a dollop of velvety chocolate gelato—or any fun filling you prefer, really—the chimney cake is a Czech item made from a crunchy and fluffy dough that’s been dusted with a cinnamon-sugar mix. With melted chocolate and sprinkles lining the edge, sink your teeth into this hefty roll of deliciousness.

Photo: Hans & Gretel

Bubble waffle

One of Hong Kong’s most iconic food items, the city definitely holds bubble waffles near and dear. Reimagining this street snack into an elaborate creation, the bubble waffles at Hans & Gretel are shaped into a handy cone that are then filled up with fresh gelato and other sweet delights from the store. Slather up a bright fruit syrup, throw on some candied tidbits, and savour the crispy rounds with fleecy centres.

Photo: Hans & Gretel


Carrying nearly 20 flavours, the gelato collection at Hans & Gretel is one that beckons you to try them all. Add a scoop (or two) to your other desserts to level them up, or simply enjoy the gelato on its own. Creamy, comforting, and flavoursome, the artisanal gelatos are all made in-house and have been whipped up Italian-style to peak velvety perfection and embedded with quality ingredients. Go for pistachio today, Belgian chocolate tomorrow, and coconut next week—there are so many possibilities!

Photo: Hans & Gretel


What’s cuter than a doughnut? A simple treat that’s endlessly customisable with brightly coloured icing and sprinkles, Hans & Gretel serves up these little sugary rings with helpings of gummies, jelly beans, marshmallows, and more on top.

Bringing sugary smiles to all, the young as well as the young-at-heart can easily encounter all of their favourites while sampling new sweets varieties at both Hans & Gretel locations. Head over to one of its shops to experience the magic for yourself today!

Hans & Gretel

Come along on an adventure of sweet deliciousness with Hans & Gretel leading the way. Drawing inspiration from the world’s favourite treats, its dazzling range of artisanal desserts and high-quality candies have been crafted to evoke joyful magic with every bite. Become enchanted by its signature candies, chimney cakes, bubble waffles, gelato, cotton candy, chocolates, slushies, and more!

(Causeway Bay shop) Shop 6–8, G/F & 1/F, Yee On Building, 26 East Point Road, Causeway Bay

(Tseung Kwan O shop) Shop 103, 1/F, Monterey Place, O’ South Coast, 23 Tong Chun Street, Tseung Kwan O

(+852) 3568 1192