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Omni-channel food hall Kin opens in Taikoo Place!

By Alisa Chau 2 June 2022

Header image courtesy of Kin Food Halls

Food halls are making a comeback in a big way and Kin is the latest to join the roster of beautiful communal dining spaces in Hong Kong! Set in Taikoo Place’s Devon House across 18,000 square feet, its vast menu is like no other, stocking over 200 signature recipes from over 45 creators that include well-known chefs, Michelin-starred names, and the city’s most popular establishments—all at an affordable price point averaging $100 per meal.

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Designed as a sustainable ecosystem that serves delectable foods without excess packaging, while also focusing on the responsible sourcing of ingredients and carbon-free delivery, Kin aims to change the way we eat for the better. Supporting its circular model is a traceable supply system, meaning that every bite you take is linked to producers and farms that are guaranteed to be environmentally friendly and ethical.

Kin’s attention to waste reduction is prevalent down to the furniture used, with 25 percent of materials in the dining hall made of renewable matter and converted food waste. Seating up to 300 people, multiple open-plan kitchenettes put on a show for the senses, and the chic venue is the perfect spot for everyday meals, a coffee date, and even as a happy hour hangout, with refreshing pours from one of 18 taps serving all kinds of tipples.

Popular restaurants like Yardbird, Honbo, Chino, Emmer, Miss Lee, Roots, OBP, Dama, and more are already partnering with Kin to populate its recipe catalogue. 

Accompanying the experience is the Kin app, due for launch in summer 2022, which gives diners access to the full catalogue of dishes and visuals of the culinary stories behind each dish. With each order, the app uses a smart algorithm to determine recommendations based on your favourite food and preferences, resulting in bespoke “food playlists” serving up personalised suggestions. Build your own menu of go-to meals by sorting through categories such as cuisine, ingredient, restaurant concept, and even chef.

Currently available is the Kin Shop, which offers catering options and cooking kits that you can bring home. Five Days of Kin ($2,088) consists of five chef meals for two that are perfect for busy urbanites. Also on offer are weekly deliveries, party packs for special moments or celebrations, fresh salad baskets packed with locally grown produce, and sustainable sushi boxes set in wooden containers, all available for delivery citywide.

Kin Food Halls, 2/F, Devon House, Taikoo Place | (+852) 3453 5635

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Alisa Chau


Always down for an adventure, Alisa’s general approach to life (and anything, really) is to “just go with the flow.” She believes that the most unforgettable moments are the most spontaneous ones. One thing she will always be certain of, however, is her love for the band My Chemical Romance and potato-based food.