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Impossible Sausage makes its international debut in Hong Kong!

By Catharina Cheung 10 September 2020

Header image courtesy of Impossible Foods

Trend-setting plant-based food tech giant Impossible Foods has just announced that starting from today, they will be rolling out their new product, Impossible Sausage, in Asia. And guess where they have chosen to make their international debut outside of the US? That’s right: Hong Kong! What a win for the environmentally-friendly movement and for our incredible city.

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Impossible Sausage was launched to rave reviews at the Consumer Electronics Show in January in the United States, and they have now reached our shores. Hongkongers can now buy the maize Impossible sandwich at 185 Starbucks branches across the city, made with maize bread and filled with Impossible Sausage, egg, cheese, onions, roasted pumpkin, and vegetables, available from 11 am every day.

Aside from Starbucks, this new plant-based sausage will also be available at other restaurants starting later this month—look out for additions to the menus at Fini’s, Franks Italian American, Triple O’s, and URBAN, with more to come in the near future.

Photo credit: Starbucks

Impossible Foods’ first product was beef because it’s the most popular meat in the US, but the company has chosen pork for their next big project due to its huge popularity in nations outside of the US, particularly in Asia. They then selected Hong Kong as the location to launch the Impossible Sausage internationally due to our city’s reputation as one of the world’s top culinary hotspots—Impossible Foods has a long-standing history of doing premiers in our territories. This is absolutely a product we can’t wait to try. Race you to the nearest Starbucks!

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Catharina Cheung

Senior editor

Catharina has recently returned to her hometown of Hong Kong after spending her formative years in Singapore and the UK. She enjoys scouring the city for under-the-radar things to do, see, and eat, and is committed to finding the perfect foundation that will withstand Hong Kong’s heat. She is also an aspiring polyglot, a firm advocate for feminist and LGBTQIA+ issues, and a huge lover of animals. You can find her belting out show-tunes in karaoke, or in bookstores adding new tomes to her ever-growing collection.