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5 reasons why we’re shopping from HK Liquor Store this month

By Localiiz Branded | 25 August 2022

Header image courtesy of HK Liquor Store

Hong Kong’s eclectic nightlife is bursting with entertainment, lively conversations, and plenty of drinks flowing late into the night. But when you’re looking to enjoy a quiet evening in or prepping for a get-together with friends, where’s the best place to stock up on booze?

For those looking to line their cabinet with the best spirits Hong Kong has to offer, look no further than HK Liquor Store. Its selection of more than 4,000 labels will have you spoilt for choice, but there’s more to this home-grown alcohol vendor than meets the eye. Let us fill you in on why we’re heading to HK Liquor Store this month for our tipples.

Photo: Arina Krasnikova (via Pexels)

HK Liquor Store is having a summer sale!

One of the best ways to beat our stifling summers is with a chilled drink in hand. If splurging on booze is not on your Hong Kong summer bucket list, then head to HK Liquor Store for a summer sale! Keep your spirits high with its selection of drinks—from rum, sake, whisky, and gin to sparkling tea cocktails and more—which can be nabbed for up to 50 percent off!

Photo: HK Liquor Store

There’s a HK Liquor Store near you

If you cannot find your drink of choice at HK Liquor Store, you would be hard-pressed to find it anywhere else in Hong Kong. After all, it is the largest independent liquor store in the city, with more than 4,000 types of alcoholic products to choose from!

HK Liquor Store also has 14 storefronts spread across mostly Hong Kong Island, including in prime locations such as Wan Chai, Soho, Causeway Bay, Sheung Wan, Kennedy Town, and more, ensuring that a trip to one of its stores will never be too far from your daily commute. Its stores are stocked to the brim with every type of alcohol imaginable, including absinthe, gin, whisky, rum, vodka, wines, sake, baijiu, and more.

Looking for a quick drink? Ditch the 7-11 and head to HK Liquor Store instead, which stocks cold wines and sake on the go in all of its physical stores. Grab a bottle or two and prepare for a delightful evening by yourself, with a loved one, or surrounded by friends.

Photo: Chris F (via Pexels)

Its online store has efficient delivery

Are you too busy to scan the shelves in-store, or planning to buy so much alcohol that you can’t carry it all home by yourself? HK Liquor Store’s impressive cache is also available for purchase online! Its entire inventory is at your fingertips and you can have as many bottles as you want delivered straight to your doorstep. Free delivery is available for purchases over $800, so just grab another bottle from its many options and keep the cabinet stocked.

If you’re an amateur bartender, you’ll be delighted to find that the store also has shakers, strainers, mixing glasses, bar spoons, and jiggers available for purchase. HK Liquor Store also sells cocktail ingredients, such as bitters, mixers, seltzers, and syrups, so you can perfect your cocktail-making skills at home and impress your guests when they visit.

Saigon Baigur Premium Dry Gin. Photo: HK Liquor Store

HK Liquor Store promotes new and unique spirits

Aiming to widen our palates with alcohol hailing from faraway lands, HK Liquor Store often partners with different brands for promotions, encouraging its patrons to try out new drinks. At the time of writing, HK Liquor Store is offering deals for Veuve Cliquot champagnes, Belvedere vodka, Johnnie Walker Black Label Sherry Finish whisky, Glenmorangie single malt Scotch whisky, and Chivas whisky. It is also currently featuring two unique products: Saigon Baigur premium dry gin, and SelvaRey rums. It’s a win-win: Brands get to promote new products, and customers get to look for a new favourite bevvy!

Sake Highball. Photo: HK Liquor Store

It has a cocktail recipe page on its website!

You’ve bought the alcohol, the bar tools, the bitters, and the syrups. Now what? A chef needs a recipe to craft their culinary masterpiece, and that is exactly what mixology hobbyists can expect from HK Liquor Store. With its new cocktail recipe page, you can learn to make your favourite classic drinks at home with ease!

Simply follow the instructions and you’ll have a delicious cocktail in hand in no time. See a new recipe that you want to try out? With a click of a button, all the required ingredients will be effortlessly added to your shopping cart, ready to be bought and shipped out within a moment’s notice. From Manhattans to Negronis, you’ll soon be shaking like the pros.

Raise a glass to HK Liquor Store, a one-stop shop for all things related to alcohol. With its convenient services and selection of alcohol, you’ll have a good time within the comforts of your home, surrounded by friends, family, and the best bottles you can find in Hong Kong.

HK Liquor Store

HK Liquor Store is Hong Kong’s speciality retailer in trendy drinks. It boasts a selection of 4,000-plus types of alcohol, including gin, whisky, vodka, tequila, rum, and sake, all of which are available on its online shop and in 14 physical stores across Hong Kong.