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5 fresh veggie recipes for when you don’t have time to cook

By Localiiz Branded | 10 June 2022 | Last Updated 14 June 2022

Header image courtesy of Genius Greens

Healthy eating is a major pillar of wellness—after all, self-care starts from within. At a glance, it might seem difficult to balance that goal with a fast-paced lifestyle—especially in a city that prizes efficiency over everything—but finding harmony between the two is actually quite simple. Locally grown, aeroponic and fresh produce delivery service Genius Greens shares with us its favourite recipes featuring fresh vegetables, which can be easily made with minimal prep work and time.

Photo: Genius Greens (via Facebook)

Salads that are far from boring

Away with boring salads—we love the endless combinations and flavour possibilities that are possible with these leafy bowls! Hitting all of your daily macros with three simple components, all you need to build a well-rounded salad is a base of greens, some protein, flavourful toppings, and dressing. Keeping it classic, Genius Green’s mixed salad (starting from $55) is a mesclun selection that comes washed and chopped in a handy reusable bag. Add balsamic vinegar, Parma ham, and mozzarella, and you will only need five minutes to throw together a delicious European-inspired salad bowl anytime you want.

If you want to explore other varieties of speciality lettuce, opt for the Grower’s Choice basket ($135)—Genius Greens’ signature item—which consists of whole heads of butterhead, romaine, Batavia, and oakleaf lettuces lovingly plucked from the best bunches on the farm.

With this bundle on hand, fantastic salad options are spread out before you, showcasing the deliciousness unique to each variety. Light grilling is all you need for a chorizo halloumi and radish salad that features the smooth and soft butterhead, whilst a crisp and frilled Batavia works wonderfully in a Lebanese tabbouleh. Experiment freely to find your favourite blend.

Photo: Genius Greens (via Facebook)

Summer rolls

Easy to share and ever-so-delectable, fresh summer rolls are a fantastic Southeast Asian dish to fill you up without weighing you down. A great snack to bring along to the beach or on picnics, chowing down on the rice-paper-wrapped greens is a novel way to cool off.

To start, find a clean and smooth surface to turn into your workstation. Wet a rice paper circle and lay it flat as a base and outer layer, loading on fresh leaves of oakleaf lettuce or microgreens, as well herbs like coriander, mint, and basil. It’s all up to taste, so long as the main vegetable used is crunchy enough to offer structural support.

Shrimp is a traditional option to add as a centre filling, while other popular choices include grilled meats, fried soft-shell crab, tofu, and mango. Rice noodles are sometimes added for another level of texture and to balance the moisture and maintain the roll’s shape. Avoid being too heavy-handed with the fillings, as you will need to roll up and seal everything in.

To really go for a home run, enjoy your rolls with a dip that has primarily tangy, sweet, or spicy notes. Ones worth trying are peanut hoisin sauce if you are a fan of the creamy and sweet, or Vietnamese nước chấm if you like a bit of zest and kick.

Photo: Horizon Content (via Pexels)

No carbs necessary

Lettuce varieties make for a great carb-free and gluten-free alternative to buns and bread when making wraps, burgers, or sandwiches. Lettuce cups are also a mouth-watering addition to this roster, contrasting the bright crunch of the veggies with fillings like stir-fried chicken, or spiced-up minced meat mix reminiscent of Thai and Laotian “larb.” Lettuce cups are an impressive and easy hack for keto eaters, people who want to cut out carbs or lower their calorie count, and those who struggle with celiac disease.

Spruce up any dish

When it comes to packing in nutrients, a little can go a long way. You don’t have to do a 180-degree switch to a plant-based diet in order to feel its benefits; simply adding a bit of verdant magic to your usual diet is already a great habit to sneak more greens into each meal.

For starters, you could offset the cheesiness and loaded carbs of pizza by sprinkling arugula ($55) on top, spicing up each bite with a peppery taste. Stocking up on herbs (starting from $25) from Genius Greens can also boost your pantry game with a melange of fresh flavours.

Fresh basil is another delectable addition to pizzas, while parsley makes many appearances when it comes to Italian cooking. Also offered are dill and coriander, both wonderful additions that can be used for marinades and seasoning as well as garnish.

Grown locally using a distinct aeroponic method that’s perfect for the dense architecture of the city, Genius Greens produces home-grown vegetables, herbs, and microgreens that are guaranteed to be fresh and clean, making it easy for urbanites to live a farm-to-table lifestyle. 

Not only does Genius Greens cut your costs in delivering desired products directly to your doorstep, but its direct and closed-circuit model helps to reduce the amount of waste and pollutants that come out of the typical delivery process, too.

Purchases below $400 cost only $50 to deliver, and there is even the option for subscription orders that are sent on a recurring basis for extra convenience! Order online now via Genius Greens and go from the simple click of a button to a hassle-free delivery with ease.

Become a member and enjoy extra shopping benefits like free delivery, exclusive discounts, no minimum order requirements, and even goodies reserved just for you! Genius Greens also hosts members-only events and activities where you can meet other gourmands. Join in and become a part of the community to get the best out of Genius Greens’ services! You can choose between subscriptions starting at a three-month period or commit for a full year.

Genius Greens

Going green has never been so easy. A produce farming and delivery solution built upon enhancing a healthy diet, sustainability, and food security, Genius Greens brings delicious fresh greens to both businesses and individual households. Grown local and farmed with care, its broad range of vegetables, herbs, and microgreens allow for a farm-to-table diet that helps you make the most out of your meals.