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Lunar New Year 2021: Where to get Chinese New Year puddings in Hong Kong

By Catharina Cheung 2 February 2021

No proper Lunar New Year feast is complete without a platter or two of turnip cake or glutinous rice pudding! Bearing auspicious meanings, these dishes were originally thought up for families to herald in the new year on a high note, so make sure you’ve got your share on the table for the Year of the Ox too! Here are some of the best places to get Lunar New Year puddings—both traditional and new-fangled—this year.

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Yat Tung Heen

Eaton Hotel’s Michelin-starred restaurant Yat Tung Heen brings back both kinds of classic Chinese puddings this year. Their turnip pudding ($228) carefully follows traditional recipes with premium dried shrimp, conpoy, Chinese preserved sausages, and air-dried preserved meat. The Chinese New Year pudding ($208) is a creamy, glutinous cake made with coconut milk and cane sugar, bringing back a hit of nostalgia. Each pudding comes in a fully recyclable box, and you can also choose to get a signature gift box ($268) alongside, packed with more Yat Tung Heen goodies. These are available for pre-ordering now, with collection between 5 to 11 February.

Yat Tung Heen, Level B2, Eaton HK, 380 Nathan Road, Jordan | (+852) 2710 1093


Dim Sum Library

Dim Sum Library’s innovative takes on Chinese dishes are always a delight to our palates, and this year’s seasonal offerings are no different. Their spicy and salted turnip cake ($168) stands out from the rest with its orange hue, and also has a spicy kick perfect for the chilli lovers out there. Available from 1 to 14 February, this must be pre-ordered 48 hours in advance from the Pacific Place or Elements Mall branches.

Dim Sum Library, locations across Hong Kong Island and Kowloon


Kee Wah Bakery

Traditionally, Chinese turnip puddings contain sausages and other preserved meats, but Kee Wah have chosen to look after an increasing community of health-conscious Hongkongers who have gone meat-free. Their new vegetarian pudding with Chinese yam & assorted mushrooms ($112) also contains radish, pumpkin, and vegetarian oyster sauce, boasting the umami flavours from mushrooms. Additionally, they have also brought back their Chinese New Year pudding with ginger juice & dark brown sugar ($102) by popular demand. Allegedly following a secret ancestral recipe, this pudding is enhanced by the addition of brown sugar and ginger, both of which are warming foods that can dispel wind and dissipate cold in the body—perfect for wintertime.

Kee Wah Bakery, locations across Hong Kong

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The Peninsula Hong Kong

The grand dame of Hong Kong’s hospitality scene has always offered top-notch Chinese cuisine in Spring Moon, and so is the case for this year’s festive season. Priced at $318 each, The Peninsula’s New Year puddings are available in taro, water chestnut, turnip, and Spring Moon flavours. The sweet Chinese pudding is also available as part of their luxury gourmet hamper ($3,688), which includes an array of sumptuous foods such as dried abalone, fish maw, Spring Moon’s famous home-made XO sauce, and more.

The Peninsula Hong Kong, 22 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 2696 6760


Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong

Island Shangri-La’s Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant Summer Palace has come up with some very interesting twists and additions to the original Lunar New Year puddings. Aside from the Summer Palace taro pudding ($308), Summer Palace turnip pudding ($308), and Summer Palace Chinese New Year pudding ($308), they’ve also got a limited-edition turnip pudding with 88-month Iberico ham, Emmental cheese & morels ($528), elevating this traditional dish to another level. Alternatively, purchase the tastefully designed Shangri-La Master Chef gift box ($1,288) to get their brand-new, limited-edition Chinese New Year pudding with Tokachi red bean & 80-year dried tangerine peel, artfully made in the shape of an ox!

Island Shangri-La, Pacific Place, Supreme Court Road, Central | (+852) 2820 8551


Kowloon Shangri-La, Hong Kong

Apart from the classic signature turnip pudding ($318) and traditional taro pudding ($318), this year Michelin-starred Shang Palace is also presenting a turnip pudding with whole abalone and black truffles ($538), while sweet lovers will enjoy their red bean pudding with 30-year-old tangerine peel ($358) and red date pudding with ginger and brown sugar ($308). However, the stars of the show here are the limited 999.9 Prestige Golden Bar pudding ($3,888) which is entirely coated in edible gold, and the ox-shaped south date pudding with maple honey & dried longan which comes in the Shangri-La Master Chef gift box ($688).

Kowloon Shangri-La, 64 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 2733 8483

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Kerry Hotel

Hung Tong’s deluxe conpoy turnip pudding ($318) is a moreish delight made with handpicked turnips, premium conpoy, Chinese preserved meats and sausages, and dried shrimps, while diners who want to shake things up might prefer the Hung Tong taro pudding ($318). They’ve also newly launched a water chestnut pudding ($308). Their traditional Chinese New Year pudding ($308) is also available, made with brown sugar sourced from Okinawa.

Kerry Hotel, 38 Hung Luen Road, Hung Hom | (+852) 2252 5320


The Langham, Hong Kong

T’ang Court is one of the few Cantonese restaurants in the world to have received three Michelin stars, so you know you’re in for a treat with their three hand-crafted puddings. This year’s Lunar New Year offerings include their famous turnip pudding ($218), taro pudding ($218) filled with conpoy and dried shrimp, and the Chinese New Year pudding ($198). All puddings come in an elegant gift box and are available for collection until 10 February at T’ang Court’s first-floor reception.

The Langham, Hong Kong, 8 Peking Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 2132 7898


The Cakery

Vegan bakery The Cakery is here to provide health-conscious Hongkongers with organic and vegan versions of traditional Chinese puddings. Available as a Chinese pudding trio ($398), this set includes a red sugar rice cake, a red date cake with red dates and goji berries, and a turnip cake with white radish, dried mushrooms, preserved pickles, black fungus, and garnished with gold leaf and black truffle. This trio even comes in a gift box designed like a handbag for a bit of modern levity.

The Cakery, locations across Hong Kong Island

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By Catharina Cheung 24 January 2021

Cordis, Hong Kong

Michelin-starred Ming Court’s abalone, conpoy, air-dried preserved meat & turnip pudding ($328) has always been a popular premium choice. They’ve also got a coconut Chinese New Year pudding ($268) which is perfect for both steaming or pan-frying—this coconut pudding is also available as part of the deluxe or premium hampers ($1,588 or $2,388) which come filled with plenty of other premium foodstuffs and alcohol. Each pudding comes in a container designed to be converted into a candy box that can be used over the festive season.

Cordis, Hong Kong, 555 Shanghai Street, Mong Kok | (+852) 3552 3301


KiKi Noodle Bar (KiKi Tea)

Famed for their sun-dried, hand-made noodles, Taiwanese brand KiKi Noodle Bar (KiKi Tea) are bringing back their Lunar New Year puddings made using natural ingredients from Taiwan. The KiKi Taiwan dried logan and brown sugar pudding ($118) features logan fruits from the Zhuqi and Chiayi districts dried using an ancient roasting technique, while the savoury KiKi Taiwan dried sakura shrimp turnip pudding ($118) is made with sun-dried sakura shrimp from Taiwan. These are available for collection until 11 February at any KiKi Noodle Bar or KiKi Tea branch.

KiKi Noodle Bar (KiKi Tea), locations across Hong Kong Island and Kowloon


Cuisine Cuisine

Apart from their well-received turnip pudding with Parma ham ($408) and coconut cream pudding with Okinawa brown sugar ($348), Cuisine Cuisine is also bringing out two new pudding additions. The turnip pudding with black truffle & assorted mushrooms ($408) is a vegan-friendly festive pudding option made with shredded king trumpet mushrooms, Italian black truffle, and porcini paste. For a luxurious dessert, go for the roselle, rose purée & osmanthus pudding with bird’s nest & gold foil ($448), a refreshing confectionery with layers of auspicious colours.

Cuisine Cuisine, 3/F, The Mira Hong Kong, Mira Place, 118–130 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 2315 5222

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Tsui Hang Village

One of our most frequented Chinese restaurants in Central, Tsui Hang Village has always done Lunar New Year puddings well. Apart from traditional options like their cured meat & turnip pudding ($278), coconut cream pudding ($198), and water chestnut pudding ($198), their exclusive conpoy & yam pudding ($278) is also highly acclaimed, made with fresh yams, yam beans, local dried shrimps, and premium conpoy. They’ve also created a new dessert in the white peach & osmanthus pudding ($208), which boasts both fruity and flowery flavour notes.

Tsui Hang Village, locations across Hong Kong Island and Kowloon


Kind Kitchen & Green Common

Hongkongers’ favourite healthy eating mart and restaurant Kind Kitchen and Green Common are once again offering a range of vegan festive puddings, all made with plant-based ingredients and superfoods, which are also cruelty-free, Buddhist-friendly, and free from cholesterol, artificial colouring, and MSG. Talk about impressively healthy!

Their new pumpkin rice cake with red quinoa, turmeric & oatmilk ($248) boasts antioxidant and antiinflammatory pumpkin and turmeric, and replaces traditional coconut milk with oat milk instead. The other sweet pudding available is the peach gum water chestnut cake with chrysanthemum bud ($218) containing ingredients said to be beneficial to the skin and eyes. Finally, try their meat-free OmniPork vegan XO sauce red quinoa turnip cake ($248) which features a punchy XO sauce made with shiitake mushrooms, lion’s mane mushrooms, and plenty of spices. Purchases of three puddings or above can enjoy a five percent discount.

Kind Kitchen & Green Common, locations across Hong Kong


Ying Jee Club

Michelin two-starred Cantonese fine-dining restaurant Ying Jee Club offers two festive puddings this year. The Chinese New Year pudding with coconut milk & Ceylon tea ($238) injects this traditional dish with a contemporary touch, while the turnip pudding with conpoy & air-dried meat ($298) keeps to the classically winning flavours. All puddings are preservative-free, come packaged in gift boxes, and are available until 11 February.

Ying Jee Club, G05, 107 & 108, Nexxus Building, 41 Connaught Road Central, Central | (+852) 2801 6882

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China Tang

Internationally renowned restaurant China Tang introduces two hearty festive puddings this year. Their homemade Chinese New Year turnip pudding ($328) contains shrimp paste, dried tiger shrimps, homemade shrimp roe, and sakura shrimp for an extra jolt of umami goodness, while the homemade brown sugar rice pudding ($328) is made with fresh coconut juice and natural Okinawa brown sugar instead of water and artificial sugar.

China Tang, Shop 411–413, 4/F, Landmark Atrium, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Central | (+852) 2522 2148


Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

Kill two birds with one stone with Grand Hyatt’s special pudding gift set ($488), a combo which includes an authentic coconut pudding ($258) made with refined black sugar cane, as well as a turnip pudding ($258) with premium dried shrimp, cured meats, and Chinese sausages. These puddings are available to order and pick up from The Chocolatier.

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, 1 Harbour Road, Wan Chai | (+852) 2584 7744


Rosewood Hong Kong

The Legacy House at the inimitable Rosewood Hotel have festive puddings on offer among their other luxurious Lunar New Year specials. Look out for their conpoy turnip cake ($288) and homemade Chinese New Year pudding ($288), which also comes as part of their hampers (starting from $2,388), and includes a great range of traditional Chinese foods as well as luxury offerings such as rose black tea from Yunnan, egg rolls, chocolate truffles, and Champagne.

Rosewood Hong Kong, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 3891 8732

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Vegan tuck shop and caterer Soulistic is creating traditional festive puddings using seasonal vegetables from the owner’s own farm! Their Chinese New Year muscovado cake ($228) is made with coconut milk while the homegrown radish cake ($268) is made using three types of three-month-old radishes from Soulistic’s mini-farm in Tai Po. By using local produce, they are creating a sustainable ecosystem of operations that supports the local economy and reduces food waste in an endeavour that is definitely worthy of support. Orders are open until 9 February, and pick-ups until 11 February.


Marco Polo Hotels

Until 11 February, three classic flavours of festive puddings will be available at the Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel and Gateway Hotel. Chinese turnip cake with conpoy ($198) is a blend of Chinese sausages, Jinhua ham, dried shrimps, and conpoy, while sweet options include the crunchy water chestnut cake ($198) and the coconut pudding with gold leaf ($198) for a hint of festive luxury.

Marco Polo Hotels, Harbour City, Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 2113 3912


Artisan Lounge

Apart from their Chinese New Year hampers filled with gifts and food, Artisan Lounge is also offering a special Chinese New Year golden sticky pudding ($198). Lightly caramelised to a golden shade, this dish lends an auspicious colour to your festive table on top of being delicious.

Artisan Lounge, Shop 008–008A, G/F, K11 Musea, Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 3726 5979

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This popular Korean dessert joint may be more well-known for their milk ice cream and drinks, but Baekmidang has also come out with a Chinese New Year pudding & turnip pudding set ($428). Conveniently packaged in one, you can simply enjoy the best of both traditional puddings with a single purchase.

Baekmidang, Shop B111, B1/F, K11 Musea, Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 6655 1909

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