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How to enjoy premium and affordable cheeses in Hong Kong

By Sponsored content Sponsored | 15 May 2020

We’re sure the following scenario isn’t something you have to think very hard about to be able to conjure up. Imagine this: You walk into a supermarket or a deli in Hong Kong. The cheese fridge shines like a delicious beacon in the distance and you start salivating. You pick up a wedge of French brie; it’s smaller than your palm and costs well over $100. You blanch in horror and walk out of the shop, dejected and cheeseless.

Sound familiar? As huge lovers of cheese ourselves, we definitely feel your pain. Read on for a way to get your hands on premium cheesy goodness at great prices instead!

It’s the awful truth that cheese lovers in Hong Kong practically need to set aside a dairy fund in order to fuel their addiction. While good cheese is not too difficult to find any more, it is still much too expensive. Two French nationals living here thought the same and proceeded to beat the system by importing premium cheeses straight from France starting in 2018. Thus, the Cheese Club was born.

Compared to other retailers in Hong Kong, the Cheese Club brings us great cheeses at a price point that’s up to 50 percent cheaper! Thanks to their uniquely innovative business model of having no stock, no waste, and no shop, they’re able to keep prices down. More importantly, they source all their cheeses from carefully selected and award-winning cheesemongers from western Europe—you’d be hard-pressed to find cheeses of better quality than offerings from the Cheese Club.

How does it work?

Each month, the Cheese Club will organise a group purchase in bulk directly from suppliers in Europe. The produce are all curated according to what kinds of cheeses are being made each season. The order form will contain information about the cheeses available, and you simply input the amount you want, essentially building yourself a box of cheesy goodness specific to your own tastes.

The window to join the bulk purchase is open for 10 days each month. Seven to 10 days after ordering closes, the orders are delivered in chilled temperatures from the farms straight to your doorstep. This ensures optimal freshness, and prime quality and taste.

What kinds of cheese are included?

The Cheese Club offers the widest choice of cheeses in town, with more than 50 choices on the list each month. This selection changes each month according to seasonality and the recommendations of the producers. We’ve had a delectable 30-month Comté from the Cheese Club that still makes us drool just thinking about it.

There will also be a Cheese of the Month within the selection. April’s highlighted pick was the Beaufort Chalet D’Alpage, the rarest type of Beaufort cheese around—only 10,000 pieces are produced each year. Made in the mountainous region of the French Alps, this cheese is so limited because of the conditions under which it is produced. The milk used in its making only comes from a single herd of cows; the cheese is made only by a select number of farmers who reside at a minimum of 1,500 metres above sea level, and production is only carried out during summer.

The folks at the Cheese Club will also chuck in something to enjoy your cheeses with; this could be anything from quince or jamón to saucisson. Whatever you choose to include in your box, you’re bound to come across delights that you’ve never tried before. Be daring and enjoy the culinary adventure!

Why choose the Cheese Club?

Because the company cuts out the middleman and directly sources from artisanal producers, cheeses are of the best fresh quality available on the market. To be honest, who wants to eat cheeses that have been languishing away on a supermarket shelf for weeks on end?

Apart from being able to enjoy discounts thanks to attractive pricing based on large-scale orders, the Cheese Club also only imports the quantities already being sold to its members, so there’s no surplus wastage. Delicious, affordable, and guilt-free? We’re here for it!

How to order your cheese box?

Simply visit the Cheese Club’s website to check when their next order window opens, choose from the options provided for the month, then wait for your goodies to arrive. You can also email them to make sure you automatically receive their monthly offers.

The order period for May is open from 15 to 24 May, so make sure you place your order within this time frame using this link! Your order will then arrive at your door at the beginning of June, depending on the date you chose. If you’re a cheese lover, you need to have the Cheese Club’s delivery boxes to simplify your hunt. We’re effectively enabling your addiction, but you’ll thank us.

The Cheese Club is also offering Localiiz readers one free Saint Marcellin cheese with their first order! Simply mention “Localiiz” at the end of the order form to claim this freebie. 

Offer only applicable to first-time customers of the Cheese Club.

Cheese Club

The Cheese Club is the brainchild of two French, cheese-loving entrepreneurs living in Hong Kong. Every month, they open orders for premium quality cheese directly from suppliers in western Europe at wholesale prices, conveniently delivered straight to your doorstep.