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5 must-have dishes for your Christmas BBQ

By Biltong Chief Sponsored | 7 December 2020

Looking for a fun twist on the usual Christmas fare? We say fire up your grill, pick up your tongs, and make a barbecue out of your classic holiday feast! After all, Christmas is a time of joy, love, and togetherness—and what better encapsulates the holiday spirit than huddling with your closest loved ones over a toasty barbecue, with the tantalising aroma of char-grilled meats wafting in the air?

That being said, the landscape of barbecue is vast and diverse—especially when you include the accompanying sides and desserts—and it takes some knowledge and a creative eye to craft a well-thought-out Christmas menu. We have consulted with the meat connoisseurs over at Biltong Chief to bring you five must-have dishes for a killer Christmas BBQ feast!


Angus & Wagyu steaks

A barbecue is not complete without steak of some kind, and Angus and Wagyu are usually at the top of our list if we’re entertaining. Whether your guests are hankering for tomahawk, sirloin, ribeye, fillet, or just plain old beef patties, it pays off to be prepared with a few different cuts that you can quickly chuck on the grill. Best of all, with the exquisite marbling present on such premium products, all the steaks need are a few pinches of salt to let the flavours shine through. Easy-peasy!


Christmas turkey

Of course, what would a traditional Christmas meal be without a succulent turkey as the crowning glory of the BBQ spread? And before you wrinkle your nose at whatever dry, stringy hunk of poultry you have in mind, know that a well-prepared turkey can actually be one of the most delectable and satisfying entrées to tuck into. You’ll have to start with purchasing a premium quality turkey that’s minimally processed and contains no added MSG and artificial flavourings to ensure that every bite bursts with natural flavours and goodness.

And equally paramount to is choosing a good quality bird is how you cook it. If you have never tried barbecuing a turkey, perhaps now is the time to try. Though oven-roasting is the more conventional method of cooking the large bird, firing it up on the grill delivers crave-worthy smokey flavours and an irresistible contrast of texture between the crispy, golden-brown skin and tender, moist meat. Plate it up with some roasted winter veggies and you have yourself a showstopping entrée that’s guaranteed to leave a lasting impression!


Beef boerewors

Give boring sausages a pass and try boerewors instead, the South African answer to plain hot dogs and wieners. South African in origin and spiced with a melange of herbs (including coriander, nutmeg, cloves, and allspice), boerewors are usually grilled over charcoal to enhance the bold yet well-balanced flavour profile. When made properly, the high proportion of fat content coarsely grounded into the beef sausage creates a distinctive white-speckled appearance that meat lovers know all too well indicates juicy meat flavours and succulent mouthfuls. What tops it off is the distinctive spiral shape that adds just the playful touch that your festive barbecue cookout needs!


Potato gratin

Is there anything more soul-nourishing than a hearty mash-up of sliced potatoes, heavy cream, butter, and ooey-gooey cheese, baked to golden perfection? This classic cheesy potato-based dish is simple in essence, lightly seasoned with just a sprinkle of salt, pepper, and a dash of delicate herbs like thyme, rosemary, and chives. Yet, when all the ingredients and flavours marry together, it becomes an indulgent comfort food of the highest calibre. The subtle yet rich and creamy dish juxtaposes exceptionally well against boldly-flavoured and umami-rich smoked meats, making it the perfect side dish to your Christmas barbecue.


Malva pudding

Give your Christmas meal a South African spin this year and whip up a Malva pudding for the guests! A traditional sweet pudding that contains apricot jam as its flavour highlight, the Malva pudding bears a spongy and soft texture that pairs perfectly with a dollop of custard or ice cream. Exceedingly simple to make with only nine ingredients to its name—sugar, eggs, apricot jam, flour, baking soda, salt, butter, vinegar, and milk—the Malva pudding is the perfect finisher to a hearty meal, its lightness complementary to the rich meats of your Christmas barbecue.

Preparing ahead for a big Christmas meal, especially when you’re firing up the grill for the special occasion, is a daunting task. With so much to think about—prepping the minutiae of the meal, shopping for ingredients, getting tableware ready—why not make the process less of a headache and order some of the dishes ahead of time, ready-made and oven-ready?

Biltong Chief, one of Hong Kong’s leading online butchers, specialises in select meats for home cooking and self-catered barbecues. With their new line of award-winning, hand-selected South African beef products and a range of premium roasts, meat cuts, and side dishes ready for your upcoming Christmas party, they take the worry out of your dinner and meal planning and help you focus on what’s truly important: spending time with your loved ones. Plus, you can rest assured that the meats you will be serving are sustainable of the highest quality, sourced directly from their partnering boutique beef farm in South Africa.

Simply choose from their tempting selection of easy-barbecue products, which includes farm-style beef boerewors, peri-peri chicken drumettes, BBQ pork ribs, Angus tomahawks, and wild tiger prawns. Simply add on a few ready-made and oven-friendly barbecue accompaniments and side dishes, and they will deliver everything chilled straight to your door! Fancy a bit of booze to go with your gourmet feast? There’s also a range of affordably priced craft beer and wine for your sipping pleasure.

Biltong Chief is currently offering accepting pre-orders for Christmas catering. You can get a $100 shopping coupon off your first order, along with a food or beverage present for everyone in the family to enjoy this holiday season. So what are you waiting for? Get your Christmas feast sorted and prepare to impress your loved ones!

Biltong Chief

Inspired by the longing for the flavours of their home country, two South African founders created Biltong Chief to become the leading biltong brand in Hong Kong. Specialising in biltong that is traditionally made from sliced beef, air-dried, and then cured with seasonings and herbs, Biltong Chief works with a butcher with over 50 years of experience, developing an authentic recipe balancing tradition, modern health, and consumer trends.

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