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5 best Taiwanese egg rolls In Hong Kong

By Natalie Fung 27 July 2020

Header image courtesy of Check-In Taipei (Facebook)

Egg-ceptionally scrumptious, egg rolls are an indispensable part of Taiwanese cuisine and well-loved by Hong Kong palates as well. Dig into our top list of egg-cellent Taiwanese egg rolls around Hong Kong!

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Yuan Is Here

Decorated just like a flashy night market in Taiwan, Yuan is Here offers hearty Taiwanese egg rolls with an extensive array of flavours. Priced at around $30 each, the egg rolls are extremely filling with ingredients like pork floss, cheese and corn—the list goes on. Mostly run by Taiwanese staff, the restaurant serves egg rolls coming directly from Taiwan and they taste downright heavenly—do take note that they are only served in the evenings after 6 pm!

Yuan Is Here, locations across Hong Kong

Photo credit: @lankiman6330 (OpenRice)

Check-In Taipei

Relatively pricey compared to the rest in the list, egg rolls served by Check-In Taipei are rather unconventional as they usually consist of intriguing combinations of different ingredients, including kimchi, eel and sticky rice. In addition to savoury ingredients, sweet items like sweet potatoes are added as well, which make the egg rolls even more extraordinary. Also noteworthy are the frequent changes made to the menu, so make sure you hit the restaurant whenever your favourite type of egg roll is out! Don’t forget to try its well-known Taiwanese mochi which comes with Oreo and many other flavours!

Check-In Taipei, G/F, 27 Hollywood Road, Soho, Central | (+852) 2351 2622

Photo credit: @food_enthusiasthk (OpenRice)

Jiu Fen Full

Located in an inconspicuous corner in North Point, Jiu Fen Full serves a wide variety of Taiwanese egg rolls with ingredients like pork floss and even seaweed. Offered at rather affordable prices, the egg rolls and tangy, chewy and cheesy as most of them contain a huge chunk of melted cheese. While the eatery is quite small in size, it is nicely decorated with lanterns, wooden boards and colourful posters—can you feel its resemblance with the genuine Jiu Fen, a mountain town in Northeast Taiwan? Jiu Fen Full is also available on Deliveroo.

Jiu Fen Full, Shop 1–3, G/F, Universal Commercial House, 4 Shell Street, North Point | (+852) 3619 5049

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Photo credit: Zoe Chui (OpenRice)


Unlike the rest of those in the list, egg rolls offered by +5ºC appear rather rustic, yet are extremely scrumptious as well. Made from pieces of freshly prepared dough right in front of you, the egg rolls can be matched with a huge array of ingredients free for you to choose from—cheese, luncheon meat, kimchi and even steak—to name but a few. Also noteworthy is the free addition of salad dressing and chilli powder according to your liking. Don’t know what to egg-spect? Hit the shop and have fun mixing and matching your favourite egg rolls!

+5ºC, Shop A34-B, G/F, Tai On Building, 57–87 Shau Kei Wan Road, Sai Wan Ho | (+852) 6010 5054

Photo credit: @whatcha.eatingx (Instagram)

What to Eat

Situated in Soho (quite near Check-In Taipei, in fact), What to Eat offers cheap Taiwanese egg rolls with different ingredients, most famous of which are corn, pork floss and cheese. Staffed by a handful of Taiwanese, What to Eat is a comfortable eatery allowing you to indulge yourself in delectable Taiwanese food amidst the hustle and bustle of Central. What to Eat is also available for delivery on Deliveroo.

What to Eat, Shop A, G/F, Carfield Commercial Building, 75–77 Wyndham Street, Central | (+852) 2810 9278

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Natalie Fung


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