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Where to find the best mango sticky rice in Hong Kong

By Beverly Ngai 24 September 2021

Header image courtesy of @atumchampak (via Instagram)

Slippery slices of fresh mango and creamy coconut milk layered atop a bed of warm, glutinous rice—mango sticky rice is the epitome of tropical decadence and a simple yet beautifully calibrated confluence of Thailand’s finest food exports. Also known as khao niao mamuang (ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง), this classic Thai dessert is widely sold in street stalls in Bangkok, but fortunately for us, its popularity has allowed it to make a growing presence in Thai restaurants all across Hong Kong. If you’re missing a little sweet tropical indulgence in your life, pay a visit to one of the superb eateries to indulge in the creamiest, most luscious mango sticky rice in town!

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Photo: (via Instagram)

Mango Tree

With a name like Mango Tree, mango sticky rice ($98) would naturally take centre stage on the menu of this Thai fusion restaurant. Matching the modern and refined interiors, the mango-centric dessert comes neatly presented with perfectly arranged mango slices and pandan leaves as a garnishing touch. Beyond good looks, rest assured that your taste buds are in for just as much of a treat. Unfussy yet composed, the dreamy blend of the ripe mango, uber-chewy sticky rice, and rich coconut cream will bring any lunch or dinner to a triumphant conclusion.

Mango Tree, locations across Hong Kong

Photo: @purinfoodie (via Instagram)


Samsen has made its rounds on social media for delivering consistently delicious modern Thai fare made with fresh ingredients flown in from Thailand. It’s no surprise then, that their iteration of the much-loved mango sticky rice ($88) tastes like the real deal. Striking a delicate balance between hot and cold, and sweet and savoury, the dish pairs some of the sweetest and juiciest Thai mangos with steaming-hot, coconut-and-pandan-infused glutinous rice, alongside crunchy mung beans. Enjoyed in the restaurant’s relaxed yet vibey environment, you might just trick yourself into believing that you’re actually in Thailand.

Samsen, locations across Hong Kong Island

Photo: @hinsonfoodhk (via Instagram)

Chicken Rice in Pink

In Hong Kong, high-quality mango sticky rice does not always come cheap, but at Chicken Rice in Pink, you can have your cake and eat it too! At only $18 a portion, the mango sticky rice at this humble, no-frill Thai joint is supremely affordable and yet no less inferior than its pricier counterparts. Granted, you get fewer fresh mango chunks, but the quality of the sweet fruit and warm, fragrant sticky rice more than makes up for it. They use a combination of black and white glutinous rice, lending to superior textural contrast and an added note of nuttiness.

Chicken Rice in Pink, locations across Hong Kong

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Photo: chole1021 (via OpenRice)

Mini Bangkok Seafood & Grill

Kowloon City’s bustling Thai community has blessed us with a veritable cornucopia of Thai restaurants, and you are likely a find a decent mango sticky rice in any one of the local Thai eateries. However, one destination-worthy spot that manages to keep its customers coming back time and time again is Mini Bangkok Seafood & Grill.

It’s hard to resist stuffing yourself silly with all the aromatic grills and seafood galore on the menu, but trust that the mango sticky rice ($78) is worth leaving stomach space for. The dessert is kept simple, but every component is perfectly executed, from the whole sliced mango to the freshly steamed sticky rice positively doused in coconut sauce, and the toasted black sesame seeds sprinkled on top.

Mini Bangkok Seafood & Grill, Shop 1–3, The Prince Place, 398 Prince Edward Road West, Kowloon City | (+852) 2716 7868

Photo: MelodyWong5016 (via OpenRice)

Champak Restaurant

This decked-out, garden-themed retreat in the busy shopping district of Mong Kok peddles out superb mango sticky rice ($78) that is as much a visual delight as it is a gastronomic treat for the sweet-toothed. Putting a fun spin on the classic Thai dessert, Champak Restaurant infuses the rice with butterfly pea flower for a vivid pop of purple and finishes off the dish with a generous handful of toasted coconut chips. The addition of the coconut chips not only imparts a pleasant crunch factor, but its toasty and nutty flavour furthers serves to complement the luxurious coconut sauce, taking the perfectly balanced dish to new tropical heights!

Champak Restaurant, Shop 107–108, 1/F, The Forest, 17 Nelson Street, Mong Kok | (+852) 3468 2558

Photo: Foodjiwara_or (via OpenRice)

Milu Thai

A neighbourhood hotspot in Causeway Bay, Milu Thai is well-reputed for its barbecued meats and sumptuous seafood plates, but we dare say that their menu’s unsung hero is the mango sticky rice ($78). Served with an entire fresh mango, you are guaranteed that every spoonful of warm sticky rice can be enjoyed with a big bite of the tender, juicy fruit. The rice and coconut sauce are not too sweet either, allowing the natural sweetness of the mango to shine. As the portion is on the heftier side, it’s the perfect dessert to split with a friend.

Milu Thai, 2/F, 3 Yiu Wa Street, Bartlock Centre, Causeway Bay | (+852) 2885 0060

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A wanderer, chronic overthinker, and baking enthusiast, Beverly spent much of her childhood in the United States before moving to Hong Kong at age 11 and making the sparkling city her home. In her natural habitat, she can be found baking up a storm in her kitchen, journalling at a café, or scrolling through OpenRice deciding on her next meal.