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Where to find the best kebabs in Hong Kong

By Beverly Ngai 1 September 2021

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Kebabs are to Turkey what burgers are to America and tacos to Mexico. Sure, they can be a smidge messy, but you cannot deny the full-on comfort they deliver in the form of juicy protein enveloped in a carby vessel. The Middle Eastern rendering typically features cubes of grilled skewer meat, a medley of vegetables, and creamy sauces all rolled up in warm, fluffy pita bread. 

With endless pairing possibilities, there is bound to be a roll for you whether you are after an easy grab-and-go lunch, some tasty late-night grub, or a refined sit-down meal. Here are our top picks for the most drool-worthy, finger-licking kebabs in Hong Kong!

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27 Kebab House

No time is a bad time for kebabs, especially when 27 Kebab House is open round the clock! This no-frills takeout shop’s flagship in the heart of Soho is a prime spot to nurse a hangover after a big night out or stave off the munchies any hour of the day. They plate up the standard offerings of lamb, chicken, or beef kebabs, with everything done exceptionally well and true to Turkish customs.

Expect your roll to be generously stuffed with juicy, well-marinated meat, a mix of fresh lettuce, tomatoes and onions, and smothered in the holy trifecta of sauces: mint, garlic, and chilli. Spice levels can be customised as per your taste, so feel free to go as hot or mild as you like!

27 Kebab House, locations vary

Photo: @bnw.foodies (via Instagram)

Ebeneezer’s Kebabs and Pizzeria

Anyone with even a passing interest in Middle Eastern food will be no strange to Ebeneezer’s Kebabs and Pizzeria, whose presence has been firmly established in Hong Kong thanks to its 17 offshoots spread out across the local map. Yet, beyond just the name and familiar red-and-black logo, Ebeneezer’s cranks out some seriously flavourful, real-deal kebabs.

You’ll find a good selection of both meaty and vegetarian kebabs on the menu, but the bestselling doner lamb kebab ($95) always has regulars coming back time and again. In addition to the customary dressings, they also offer options like barbecue, French, and thousand island sauces that you can add on to take the flavour explosion to the next level!

Ebeneezer’s Kebabs and Pizzeria, locations across Hong Kong

Photo: vvny (via OpenRice)

Beyrouth Bistro

A patron saint of Lebanese cuisine in Hong Kong since 1988, this humble street-side restaurant may be easy to walk past if it were not for the enticing smell of grilled meats and spicy flavours wafting from its kitchen. The Lebanese family business prides itself on making their pita bread, falafels, and sauces made in-house and straight from the heart—an effort that has truly paid off in spades. Opt for the chicken ($70) or lamb shawarma ($70), both of which are packed with slow-roasted rotisserie meat that has been marinated for 24 hours in lemon and spices to guarantee maximum flavour!

Beyrouth Bistro, 39 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central | (+852) 2480 5338

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Photo: @acme_hongkong (via Instagram)


As one of the newer additions to Soho’s rather concentrated Middle Eastern dining scene, Acme earns its distinction by reflecting a fresh and more refined take on the classics. Their punchy harissa chicken kebab ($185) is served deconstructed, paired with cumin yoghurt and baby gem lettuce; while the lamb shawarma ($210) is elevated with zhoug (סְחוּג‎; a spicy cilantro sauce), grilled eggplant, goat cheese, and spinach.

If you want to cut back on the meat, the vegetarian-friendly king mushroom kebab with shakshuka egg ($187) is just as hearty and gives you the best of both worlds by fusing two Middle Eastern classics. Note that the kebabs are exclusive to their lunch menu, so plan accordingly!

Acme, 59 Elgin Street, Central | (+852) 2885 6066

Photo: (via Instagram)

Istanbul Turkish Kebabs and Grills

Awash in vibrant Mediterranean colours and kitsch Turkish décor, this homey little restaurant in Wan Chai excels in recreating the flavours of Istanbul, peddling a varied range of Turkish culinary delights, from pide bread and mezes to Turkish teas, rice pudding, and baklava. The signature, however, is none other than their titular dish—kebabs.

It doesn’t get much better than the chicken shish roll ($69) paired with homemade sauces—which are conveniently placed on the table for customers to help themselves. The mixed doner roll ($69) is also a great option if you want to sample all the best of all their meaty roasts. Portions are huge, leaving even the heartiest of eaters feeling positively stuffed!

Istanbul Turkish Kebabs and Grills, Shop 3, 177–179 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai | (+852) 2573 9101

Photo credit: @__foodie.lala (via Instagram)

Bismillah Kebab House

With Chungking Mansions playing host to a buzzing community of ethnic minority traders, it’s no surprise that some of the city’s tastiest and most authentic kebabs can also be found inside the building. Tucked away on the first floor of the iconic commercial centre, Bismillah Kebab House is the place to go if you are looking for decent kebabs on a budget. A chicken kebab roll will only set you back $55, but the lamb kebab roll ($60) and chicken tikka roll ($60) are also well worth your attention. Tack on an extra $5 for a soft drink or opt to wash down your meal with something special like Turkish coffee ($18)!

Bismillah Kebab House, Shop 75, 1/F, Chungking Mansions, 36–44 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 2722 5733

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Photo credit: @kimjiyeonkimchi (via Instagram)


For a taste of Persian-style kebabs, look no further than Hong Kong’s first Persian restaurant, Loveat. This humble, cleanly decorated joint is most known for its superb kabob koobideh (کباب کوبیده‎), an Iranian kebab dish made with grilled minced meat and served with rice, bread, or salad.

A must-try is the koobideh with naan ($188), an exquisitely simple composition of barbecued lamb, grilled tomato and green pepper, fresh mixed salad, and a luxurious homemade garlic sauce. If you have a few hungry friends to share with, then Kebabs Lovers ($588) is the way to go, presenting a sumptuous platter of various kebabs skewers accompanied by grilled vegetables, saffron rice, and naan, and homemade Persian frittata.

Loveat, Shop E, Garley Building, Graham Street, Central | (+852) 2595 9900

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