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Hong Kong’s best butchers

By Rachelle Ma 22 April 2021 | Last Updated 19 December 2022

Header image courtesy of Bones & Blades (via Facebook)

When procuring meat in Hong Kong, there’s certainly no shortage of choice. Hong Kong is, after all, known for its local wet markets, as well as premium supermarkets that go above and beyond to offer imported meats, dry-ageing service, and more. While these are all fine choices for hotpot or barbeque night, what’s to say when your recipe calls for a rarer cut of meat, or you require an expert’s advice to your endless culinary qualms? For the epicurean adventurer and home-cooking fanatic, a trip to the grocery store may not be enough.

Look instead to the butcher’s, but don’t be intimated by the iron-clad knives and strange-looking carcasses. With the level of freshness, quality, and expertise a butcher can offer, these shops have been seeing a revival in popularity (and so, too, have the men that work in them). Butchers remain the best bet for more sustainable or even budget-friendly cuts. Check out the best butchers in Hong Kong who will “meat” your every need.

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Photo: Bones & Blades (via Facebook)

Bones & Blades

A plant-based diet remains the most environmentally sound option, but there are ways to ethically consume meat that includes being mindful of where and how your food is sourced and grown. Bones & Blades embraces this approach to meat consumption by only sourcing organic and grass-fed meats. Along with this, you’ll also find other items like homemade sausages, porchetta, and ready-made broths and stews. Visit one of its four brick-and-mortar locations across Hong Kong or simply browse its selection online for home delivery.

Bones & Blades, locations across Hong Kong

Photo: Feather and Bone (via Facebook)

Feather & Bone

With over 10 locations across Hong Kong, Feather & Bone is hard to miss. Posing a pleasant combination between a butcher shop, a neighbourhood delicatessen, and a grocery store, Feather & Bone has been integral to the resurgence of the craft in Hong Kong, specialising in Australian-sourced cuts such as grass-fed beef and lamb, hormone-free chicken, as well as seafood. Visit one of its twentieth-century-inspired stores, where a trained butcher will no doubt help you find the specific cut you desire from its large selection.

Feather & Bone, locations across Hong Kong

Photo: Aussie Meat

Aussie Meat

It’s time to dust off the old grill for a summer barbecue! Online butcher Aussie Meat works with farms in Australia and New Zealand to offer some of the most premium grass-fed meat around. Aside from organic and naturally farmed beef, lamb, poultry, and pork, Aussie Meat also supplies ocean-catch seafood, so you can slip an especially delicious “shrimp on the barbie” for your next get-together. If you need a refresher on the different cuts of meat to choose from, let the good folks over at Aussie Meat explain this to you themselves.

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By Jenny Leung 13 September 2018
Photo: Biltong Chief (via Facebook)

Biltong Chief

Biltong Chief is a bespoke butcher that offers competitive and appealing prices on the gamier things in life, such as South African biltong! As an online retail platform with next-day delivery, Biltong Chief is perhaps the most effortless way to get the type of meat you are looking for if you’re short on time. Getting both its name and products from South Africa, Biltong Chief specialises in a variety of sustainable beef, lamb, seafood, venison, and poultry, as well as prepared barbecue meats that you can slap directly onto the grill.

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Photo: Heritage Meats

Heritage Meats

At Heritage Meats, the concept of nose-to-tail eating is celebrated. For those new to this concept, rest assured that you will not be asked to consume any olfactory parts of the animal, though the concept does honour more overlooked meat cuts, utilising them in both innovative and creative ways. Nose-to-tail eating uses every part of the animal in food preparation so that less waste is created, leading to a healthier environment.

On top of this, at Heritage Meats, you’ll also be introduced to a flavourful profile of heritage breeds—or beasts, as they say. Of the few that remain, now at risk of extinction, such animals are nutritionally denser. Breeds such as the Gurnsey cattle, Mangalica pig, Aylesbury duck, and Herdwick sheep are all represented at this Repulse Bay butcher.

Heritage Meats, Shop 102, The Repulse Bay, 109 Repulse Bay Road, Repulse Bay

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