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Your guide to alternative mooncakes this Mid-Autumn Festival

By Localiiz 25 August 2020 | Last Updated 16 August 2021

Header image courtesy of Kiki Noodles

Originally published by Ngai Yeung. Last updated by Alisa Chau.

It’s about time to start preparing for autumn and its main festival—that’s right, the Mid-Autumn Festival in all its lantern-studded glory is just around the corner. With the countless number of mooncake options available, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to all kinds of mooncakes, the best early-bird deals, and where to buy them this Mid-Autumn Festival. If you like your mooncakes with a bit of an unexpected twist, here are our top selections for you!

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Photo: Baked Indulgence

Mooncake-flavoured cookies from Baked Indulgence

Yes, we know that these are not technically mooncakes, but who would not want to try a range of sweet treats inspired by mooncake flavours? Hearkening back to the ancient roots of Chinese tea culture to meld with updated Mid-Autumn flavours, their six-piece CookieMoon set ($298) features a chewy, melt-in-your-mouth selection of lava custard, Da Hong Pao tea, osmanthus goji berry, taro, double chocolate, as well as dark chocolate & walnut cookies. Pick up a box of the soft and gooey goodness to celebrate your Mid-Autumn Festival with a balanced East-meets-West twist, and do so before 19 August to enjoy a special price of $258!

Baked Indulgence, locations across Hong Kong

Photo: Royal Caviar Club

Caviar mooncakes from the Royal Caviar Club

Yes, you heard right—feel posh this Mid-Autumn Festival with a set of caviar mooncakes! After years of preparation and research, Royal Caviar Club presents this unique snow skin mooncake, bursting with deluxe Imperial Ossetra caviar, paired with either decadent cream cheese or fresh Madagascan vanilla.

This indulgent treat is best served chilled and is completely free of preservatives and sugar. Early birds can get the limited-edition gift set of four mooncakes for $580 until 21 August, after which it will be sold at $680. Each box comes with three pieces in each flavour, allowing you to savour the best of both worlds.

Royal Caviar Club, 29/F, Singga Commercial Centre, 148 Connaught Road West, Sai Ying Pun | (+852) 9447 8565

Photo: China Tang

Modern classics from China Tang

Within these stunning, beautifully designed Chinoiserie boxes are solid renditions of two classic flavours. China Tang’s authentic white lotus seed paste with double egg yolk mooncakes are crafted with silky white lotus seed purée and fragrant peanut oil, while the mini crafted egg custard mooncakes guarantee a creamy, buttery bite. When you’re done, you can even repurpose the dainty packaging into jewellery boxes complete with small drawers!

Perfect for a gift, the double yolk set contains four pieces, whereas the egg custard set has eight mini pieces. Both sets are $388 apiece and may be purchased online or at one of China Tang’s two in-person locations, though if you snatch the gems before 20 August, the early bird price is only $278 a box.

China Tang, locations across Hong Kong Island and Kowloon

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Photo: Green Common

Vegan mooncakes from Green Common

Love mooncakes but hate the calories? Plant-based Green Common has released their much-loved line of vegan mooncakes that are both healthier and lighter. Old fans may want to revisit the popular mixed flavour vegan mooncake set ($328), which includes the high-fibre and high-calcium mooncake flavours of figs with pistachio and oat alongside the low-sugar yet sweet mixed nuts with blueberry and purple sweet potato.

For an all-new experience, discover the locally crafted vegan custard mooncakes ($308), where the white sugar and lard in traditional mooncakes are replaced with plant-based goodness like flaxseed powder and agave syrup. The pre-order period—during which you can get the boxes for $285 and $268, respectively—ends on 29 August. Vouchers can be redeemed both online and in-store. Be sure to check out their site for other sweet bundle deals that offer snacks and desserts alongside your mooncakes!

Green Common, locations around Hong Kong

Photo: Ali Oli Bakery

People & Pets mooncakes from Ali Oli Bakery

One of Hong Kong’s oldest European-style bakeries, Ali Oli is debuting an exclusive range of mooncakes that will excite pet-lovers everywhere! A six-piece limited-edition People & Pet mooncake gift box ($348) features three chicken-based mooncakes made especially for your pets, in addition to three mooncakes for you to enjoy. The gorgeous packaging has been created in collaboration with local artist Oh! You Made My Day and spotlights adorable watercolour illustrations of cute cats and dogs.

Also available are the harmony mooncake gift box ($238)—featuring vibrant fillings like pineapple, azuki bean and tangerine peel, espresso walnut, and golden yolk—and the more traditional four-piece full moon mooncake gift box ($218) containing the latter two flavours.

Whilst the mooncakes come in sets, you can choose to order single mooncakes of any flavour at $45 during the early bird period, and $50 apiece afterwards. To order, fill out this form, and be sure to scoop up your goodies before early bird pricing ends on 20 August. The three gift boxes are available at $298, $198, and $183, respectively, until then.

Ali Oli Bakery, 11 Sha Tsui Path, Sai Kung | (+852) 2792 2655

Photo: Fortnum & Mason

Tea-infused mooncakes from Fortnum & Mason

You can’t pronounce “tasty” without “tea”—that’s why you need some in your mooncakes! British brand Fortnum & Mason has infused their signature blends of Earl Grey, rose Pouchong, and matcha into delectable mini egg custard mooncakes ($588), which comes with a complimentary tin of tea to enjoy them with. The Earl Grey filling is paired with some bergamot-tinged Earl Grey tea, naturally, whilst the rose Pouchong is contrasted by a deep and malty Queen Anne tea, and the matcha mooncake accompanied by the botanical aromas of the Victoria Grey brew. The mooncakes are ensconced in an exquisite Eau De Nil-coloured box decorated with scenes from Mid-Autumn folktales, each box carrying a set of six. Visit their official flagship, or make a purchase via their e-shop on the handy K11 app.

Fortnum & Mason, Shop 022, K11 Atelier, Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 3916 8100

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Photo: Dang Wen Li by Dominique Ansel

Earl grey custard mooncakes by Dominique Ansel

Helmed by award-winning pâtissier Dominique Ansel, Dang Wen Li by Dominique Ansel is celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival with a magical tribute to the bakery's origins in New York City. Featuring locally made Earl Grey custard and original custard mooncakes, their Fly Me To New York gift set ($498) is housed in a stunning box that lights up with an intricate cut-out of the New York cityscape under the moonlight. Surprise your family and loved ones with a gift like no other. From now until 15 August, enjoy their reduced early bird price of $458.

Dang Wen Li by Dominque Ansel, locations across Hong Kong

Photo: Jin Communications

Drunken seafood mooncakes from Sexy Crab x Baekmidang

Managing to squeeze a gourmet meal—complete with dessert—into a mooncake, the luxurious Sexy Crab has partnered up with Korean dessert house Baekmidang to offer a one-of-a-kind Mid-Autumn culinary journey. For pure mooncake goodness, get the six-piece Baekmidang mooncake box containing lava custard, lava coffee, and Tieguanyin tea, which is available at $342 until 15 August and $488 afterwards. For a comprehensive gift box with savoury components from Sexy Crab, grab one of the collaborative gift sets, which include the crustacean experts’ famous “drunken seafood” preserves, featuring top-tier seafood like Russian king crab legs, Hokkaido Ezo abalone, Spanish red king prawns, and Sexy Crab’s signature classic crab roe and crab meat marinated in premium 10–15-year Huadiao wine.

Enjoy the classic crab roe and king crab seafood preserves alongside the Baekmidang mooncake box and a bottle of Zardetto Z extra dry prosecco in the Sexy Crab x Baekmidang Extravagant Mooncake Gift Set ($1,982), or go for the ever-so-fancy Sexy Crab x Baekmidang Deluxe Opulent Gift Set ($3,840) to get all four marinated seafood jars in addition to the Baekmidang mooncake collection and a bottle of Delamotte Brut NV Champagne. The former is available at an early bird price of $1,388, while the latter can be purchased for $2,688 before 15 August. Pick up your glorious hamper of goodies or case of artisanal mooncakes at one of Baekmidang’s locations or at the Sexy Crab dining room.

Baekmidang, locations across Hong Kong

Photo: (via Instagram)

Coriander mooncakes from Mr Coriander

Depending on your taste, you’d either be grinning in delight or frowning in disgust right now. A collaboration between Hong Kong-based bakery LY Bakery and Taiwanese noodle brand Mr Coriander, the controversial coriander mooncakes ($248) have been upgraded a notch (or downgraded, for some) to include the addition of a squishy mochi filling, wedged with a generous filling of coriander stuffing, and enveloped by an old-school flaked crust. A boxed set of four mooncakes is going for $228 during its online pre-order period, which lasts until 20 August. Coriander devotees or curious foodies can pick up a box at their Tsim Sha Tsui based shopfront.

Mr Coriander, Shop S905, 2/F The Capital, Park Hotel Hong Kong, Chatham Road South, Tsim Sha Tsui

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Photo: Lady M

Light-up Celebration of Lights mooncakes from Lady M

Featuring a light-up Ferris wheel container in glistening shades of azure and royal purple, eminent cake boutique Lady M has brought back their beloved mini mooncakes. Perfect for sharing, the decorative container depicts scenes from the traditional folk tale of the rabbit who winds up on the moon.

Each side of the wheel reveals a decadent bite of their creamy egg custard mooncakes and their silky chocolate custard mooncakes, offering a taste of tradition as well as new favourites. This Celebration of Lights ($528) set comes with a classy Lady M gift bag, greeting card, and envelope, making it a most tasteful gift idea. Sold as a voucher, you may redeem the assortment at all their locations except at the airport boutique. Those who want to pick up their set at the Causeway Bay location or the Tsim Sha Tsui location can do so between 20 to 24 September.

Lady M, locations across Hong Kong

Photo: Duddell's

Lava cream custard mooncakes from Duddell’s

Not only are Duddell’s velvety lava cream custard mooncakes prepared by their Michelin-starred culinary team, but they also come in chic lantern-themed gift boxes that have been reimagined by designer Hong Chong-ip to incorporate a glimmering 3D lenticular sheet frame.

The signature gift box ($398) makes for a tasty and fashionable gift complete with a glinting golden frame, while the limited-edition gift box ($588) goes a level beyond and is equipped with flashy LED lights akin to an actual lantern! They are also providing a rotation of pristine gift hampers that include everything from premium XO sauce, to homemade cookies, packing all your Mid-Autumn celebration essentials into one. Order online or via WhatsApp between now and 22 August, and enjoy a signature gift box at the early bird price of $368.

Duddell’s, 3/F, Shanghai Tang Mansion, 1 Duddell Street, Central | (+852) 9131 2927

Photo: The Cakery

Gluten-free and vegan mooncakes from The Cakery

Looking for some gluten-free and vegan mooncakes? Believing that nobody should miss out on festivities just because of their dietary restrictions, The Cakery is offering mooncakes in four first-rate flavours: the full-bodied black sesame lava, the fruity mango bean paste lava, the fragrant-yet-tart jasmine raspberry lava, and the comforting taro bean paste. In the gift set ($628), you'd find one of each flavour in an extravagant emerald box that unfolds to reveal each brightly coloured mooncake in a dainty pullout enclave. Now that is a sensation for the eyes as well as the taste buds!

The Cakery, locations across Hong Kong

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Photo: Date by Tate Dining Room

Mid-Autumn pastry box from Date by Tate Dining Room

Rather than the typical mooncake, the Michelin starred Tate Dining Room have expertly designed and fine-tuned a curation of gastronomic desserts that are just perfect for the seasonal palate. Marrying together French treats with Mid-Autumn inspired flavours, the collection comes with a classy scarf and card for personalised messages, and includes twelve yuzu and sesame rochiers and twelve salted egg yolk cookies, a jar of osmanthus milk jam as well as a jar of lemon and osmanthus marmalade.

The crown jewel, however, is the gigantic five nuts chocolate mendiant mooncake with a lychee marshmallow filling. Have a go knocking at the hardened chocolate shell and reward yourself with the scrumptious fragments! Available for purchase for only one week between 14 September to 21 September, order online or visit the Date by Tate Dining Room shop to nab up your portion.

Date by Tate Dining Room, 210 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan | (+852) 6730 2494

Photo: Soil to Soul

Korean Chuseok mooncakes by Soil to Soul

Proudly representing the Korean traditions that serve as the main culinary inspirations behind their menu, Soil to Soul have devised a compilation of plant-based goodies for the Mid-Autumn Festival, drawing a connection to the Korean festival of Chuseok (한가위). Otherwise known as “autumn eve,” or “Korean Thanksgiving,” the celebration shows an emphasis on graciousness and familial reunions that strongly parallel our local custom of sharing great food with our loved ones.

Consisting of nutritional parea ssal gang jeong algae-topped rice crackers, yuza ssal gang jeong citrus spread crackers, gotgam persimmon rolls, sweet deep-fried maejakgwa twists, yakgwa cookies, and dasik bean biscuits, the glorious Soil to Soul artisanal chuseok gift box ($588) presents the collection in a monastic-style wooden box for a truly enticing experience.

For an extra fee of $300, a tasting set of four signature banchan vegetables will be added to the set, as an extra aperitif. Call now or at least three days before your intended pick-up date, as these delicious assortments are made to order. Early birds can also enjoy a 25 percent discount up until 31 August on a first-come-first-served basis, so do be hasty!

Soil to Soul, Shop 704, 7/F, K11 Musea, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 2389 9588

Photo: HK CBD Store

CBD mooncakes from Found CBD

For aeons, the moon has been a symbol of calmness and serenity in many cultures. Honouring the feelings of peace and atmosphere of harmony in the Mid-Autumn air is Found’s ultra-modern CBD-infused mooncakes. Consisting of a decadently sweet chocolate shell, with a luscious hojicha & apricot filling, each of the mooncakes will contain 50 milligrams of pure CBD, bringing to your tastebuds an undertone of mellow chill that simply spreads throughout. Each package contains four pieces, so a total of a 200-milligram dosage of CBD, and can be pre-ordered for $320 via the store’s website to be collected between 1 September to 20 September.

Found Café, Unit A, 8 Tai On Terrace, Sheung Wan | (+852) 5288 2281

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Photo: Venchi

Folklore-inspired mooncakes from Venchi

Drawing upon the brilliant colours of a million sparkling lanterns dancing in the night, the all-new capsule collection from Venchi makes for a glorious centrepiece to be shared amongst the whole family. Using only pure and natural ingredients, their Mid-Autumn chocolate mooncake square gift box ($368) houses chocolate mooncakes that have been artfully sculpted into exquisite little flowers.

Try the fruity mooncake to enjoy the contrast of soft coconut cream and crunchy raspberry, or the matcha mooncake for a light and sweet bite of white chocolate with matcha pistachio cream—or perhaps the dark Suprema mooncake, with a serving of rich Suprema spread, will be more to your taste. An array of gift options are also available, allowing you to mix and match the assortment with some of their other beloved chocolate treats. Don’t miss out on the early bird period, which ends on 5 September, during which you can purchase the box for $308.

Venchi, locations across Hong Kong

Photo: Charbonnel et Walker

Chocolate & mooncake collection from Charbonnel et Walker x Imperial Patisserie

Epitomising the spirit of East-meets-West in their new debut collection, British chocolatier Charbonnel et Walker have joined hands with authentic Chinese bakery Imperial Patisserie to put together a wonderful array of desserts to excite your Mid-Autumn appetite for sweetness.

The classy Mid-Autumn chocolate & mooncake collection ($468) includes two decadent lava custard mooncakes developed by Michelin-starred pâtissier Chef Lai Wing-koon and Imperial Patisserie Chief Chef Yip Wing-wah, alongside a sought-after curation of handmade dark chocolate truffles native to the Charbonnel et Walker line. Order online or at their shopfront in the Landmark Atrium before 31 August to swipe the set for the favourable price of $398 per box!

Charbonnel et Walker, Shop 216A, 2/F, Landmark Atrium, 15 Queen’s Road, Central | (+852) 9303 6782

Photo: Hyatt Centric

Doggy mooncake from Hyatt Centric x Meal Rical x Petstudiohk

Family means nobody gets left behind, and certainly not our favourite four-legged members. Allowing pups to take part in the festival fun, Hyatt Centric has brought together pet food developer Meal Rical and locally-based illustration studio Petstudiohk to create a line of mooncakes made just for dogs. On offer for $48 each at the hotel’s official e-shop as well as at The Farmhouse Deli on the second floor, the canine-friendly pastries come in salmon, deer meat, and horse meat flavour options, with a box set of three costing $138. Make your reservation before 10 September to receive a 20-percent discount upon purchase of the boxed set. What's more, Hyatt Centric is also offering a dog-centric staycation deal that’s ripe for Mid-Autumn relaxation. Find out more by checking out their website.

The Farmhouse Deli, 2/F West Tower, Hyatt Centric, 1 North Point Estate Lane, North Point | (+852) 3896 9896

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Photo: Kiki Noodles (Kiki Tea)

Sakura shrimp and taro mooncakes from Kiki Noodle Bar

Back by popular demand, this innovative recipe has been brought back by Taiwanese noodle and teahouse Kiki Noodle Bar. Made fresh in Hong Kong, this fascinating mix of nutty taro with dried Taiwanese sakura shrimp melds with glutinous rice mochi into a chewy filling that provides a distinct flavour and lower sugar content.

Packed into boxes of six mooncakes ($298), the packaging playfully draws upon the myth of the rabbit on the moon, incorporating an adorable reusable bunny-shaped bag. Each premium gift set also includes two peach oolong tea bags, which make for a magical complement to the bites. Early bird orders can be made from now until 31 August, at a discounted price of $238. As only a limited amount of sets are being baked, it’s best to act quickly! Make your purchase at one of their outlets, or via their website.

Kiki Noodle Bar and Kiki Tea, locations across Hong Kong

Photo: Phoebe's Kitchen

Beef wellington mooncake from Phoebe's Kitchen

After receiving roaring praise (alongside equal amounts of infamy) online, the beef wellington mooncake makes its return. Brought to the world by the food blogger-turned-chef behind Phoebe’s Kitchen, it looks unassuming enough, like a typical traditional mooncake... until it is revealed that the flaky golden crust conceals a succulent beef tenderloin, parma ham, and mushroom paste. Making for a savoury feast on its own, the mooncakes ($238) come frozen in boxes of two, ready to be baked and enjoyed piping hot. Whether you are crinkling your nose in stunned horror or feeling your stomach rumble with anticipation, it can’t be denied that this option is an outstanding one worth checking out. The mooncakes are available for purchase online, and can be delivered or picked up from Wong Chuk Hang.

Photo: agnés b Café

A Trip to the Moon mooncakes from Agnés B Café

Kino appreciators are sure to love this beautiful cinematic reference in the all-new Mid-Autumn gift boxes presented by Agnés B Café, in honour of the 1902 French film titled Le Voyage dans la Lune that depicts an astronomic adventure to the moon. The gift containers exhibit a whimsical tribute of colours and patterns, with a hand-coloured replica of the smiling moon from the film painted over each top lid.

Take a bite out of a lava custard mooncake in the four-piece Autumn Breeze mooncake gift box ($360), or from a lava chocolate mooncake in the Chocolate Obsession mooncake gift box ($360) quartet. If you fancy a bit of both, check out the double-decker Moon Palace mooncake gift box ($590), which encompasses two pull-out sections with four mooncakes in each flavour.

Order online between now and 30 August and enter the code MAF10OFF for a 12 percent discount via Union Pay payment or 10 percent off when using other methods. Be sure to check out their various holiday hampers for some extra goodies as well!

Agnés B Café, locations across Hong Kong

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Photo: Harry's Kitchen

Make your own Egg Custard mooncake at Harry’s Kitchen

For a family bonding experience like no other, kid-friendly baking studio Harry’s Kitchen and Build-a-Bear workshop have teamed up to provide an interactive session of playful creativity and fun craft to bring everyone closer together. This one-of-a-kind Waltz Down the Milky Way promotion allows you to prep and delight in your own egg custard-flavoured mooncakes under the watch of five-star hotel trained pastry chefs, then end your day bringing your new fluffy friend to life at the Build-a-Bear space. Enrol before 31 August to enjoy both endeavours rolled into one for a reduced rate of $678. Find out more on their website, and register for the course via WhatsApp.

Harry’s Kitchen, B245A, K11 Musea, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East | (+852) 5645 1365

Photo: Matchali (via Facebook)

Matcha mooncakes from Matchali

Tea and mooncakes go hand in hand, so why not combine the two together? Matcha purveyors Matchali has teamed up with vegetarian kitchen Esca to create a line of inviting mooncakes. On sale in boxes of four, with two matcha almond flavoured pieces, and two hojicha sesame flavoured pieces, the homemade mooncakes are decorated in intricate patterns carved into the crust, and are sliced to reveal each runny sweet filling. Get your Matchali x Esca vegetarian mooncakes ($350) before 15 August and get 10 percent off your purchase, with an additional 10 percent off your entire bill when ordering five or more boxes. Pick up can be handled at any one of their three locations around the city, where you can also grab an aromatic matcha tea to go with your serving of mooncake.

Matchali, locations across Hong Kong

Photo: Yat Tung Heen

Handbag mooncakes from Yat Tung Heen

A nod to Hong Kong’s beloved yum cha culture, one Michelin-starred Yat Tung Heen is presenting traditional white lotus seed paste with egg yolk ($458) and the indulgent mini custard with egg yolk ($398) in a beautiful olive-green wooden case. Perfect for the environmentally conscious, the case can be repurposed into an uber-stylish mini handbag that adds an unconventional statement to your outfits. Order online now and enjoy a 20 percent discount!

Yat Tung Heen, B2, Eaton HK, 380 Nathan Road, Jordan | (+852) 2710 1093

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Photo: Soulistic

Vegan custard mooncakes from Soulistic

Founded with an emphasis on vegan cooking forged with a lot of heart, Soulistic brings to the table their Cheers to Full Moon! vegan custard mooncakes (starting from $88). Handcrafted using herbivorous organic goodness with whole ingredients, their rich soy crust encases a beautiful homemade vegan custard filling with a chickpea “salted egg yolk” to boot, making for a luscious treat.

Considering that the brand is in part a dedication to the founder’s diabetic grandfather, their mooncakes also boast a low GI index, no refined sugar, no trans fat, and no preservatives. Share the joy with their four-piece set ($338) and nab an early-bird discount until 31 August. An unconventional yet surprisingly complementary addition, Soulistic is also releasing a deluxe Cheers to Full Moon! set ($430) with two bottles of their signature apple & elderflower kombucha.

Photo: Black Garlic

Vegan and gluten free mooncakes from Black Garlic Restaurant x Lissome

A proponent of Asian home-cooked goodness with a health-conscious edge, Black Garlic has joined with vegan bakery Lissome to craft a collection of mooncakes ($338) in three gorgeous flavours. Taking inspiration from popular Asian desserts, there is the yuzu adzuki in addition to the matcha black sesame, with the nutritious black garlic that veers towards the savoury side. Hitting the marks of having a low sugar content, as well as being gluten-free and vegan, these mooncakes are an ode to the comforting palate and wholesome style of preparation that Black Garlic’s cooking is known for. Packaged in boxes of six, with two mooncakes in each flavour, order online between now and 22 August to get a special 15 percent off the original price!

Black Garlic, locations across Hong Kong Island

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