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4 double-stewed Chinese soups to get you through autumn

By Gigi Wong 28 October 2019

The crisp winds in the air signal the official end of summer. Hong Kong is not scorching hot anymore as we welcome the autumnal season, but let’s admit it, the odd switch of weather always causes various negative reactions in the body, like dry skin patches and irritating itchiness in the throat. Luckily, the Chinese have had millennia of traditional remedies to help. Snow pear is a bit of a lifesaver for this season; it helps retain moisture in the body to combat the drier weather, and can also strengthen the immune system in preparation for the colder days to come. Why not try out these four double-stewed Chinese soups with snow pear as the main ingredient? Tickly throat, begone!

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Photo credit: 下厨房

Lotus root, chicken feet, and snow pear soup

Autumn season is short in Hong Kong, which means our bodies are working hard to adapt to the changing weather before it gets properly cold soon. Many are thus prone to catching colds during this time, more so than in the dead of winter, but this deeply-nourishing dish can help. Boasting a delectable lusciousness (and beautifying collagen!) from chicken’s feet, this soup moisturises the skin from within, and also nourishes the throat, providing relief for dry throats and coughs.

Preparation time: Within two hours

Ingredients: A section of lotus root, two snow pears, 18 grams of apricot kernels, one corn cob, one pound of chestnuts, two to four chicken’s feet, one litre of water

Serving size: For three to four people

Photo credit: Sundaykiss

Sea coconut, figs, lily buds, and snow pear soup

The dry weather inevitably leads to some itchiness and irritation in the respiratory tract. The combination of sea coconut, figs, and snow pear has the benefit of moistening and nourishing the lungs, as well as alleviating cough symptoms. It can also relieve ‘heat’ in your bodies, a Chinese health concept that is the result of consuming ‘hot’ fried food. If you’ve been going overboard on the Korean fried chicken recently, this is the soup for you.

Preparation time: Within two hours

Ingredients: 37 grams of sea coconut, two snow pears, 37 grams of dried lily buds, two apples, a handful of red jujube, a couple of honey dates, a handful of dried figs, one teaspoonful of apricot kernels, 300 grams of pork shank, one litre of water

Serving size: For approximately four people

Photo credit: 新浪

Lotus seed snow pear soup

Lotus seed is a heat-relieving ingredient. Consuming it together with snow pear not only helps remove the pathological fire caused by the summer heat, but can also moisturise and reduce dryness brought out by the autumn weather. This hearty and flavourful soup will be a healthy hit with the whole family.

Preparation time: Within two hours

Ingredients: 40 grams of coix seeds, 15 grams of lotus seeds, 15 grams of snow fungus, 10 grams of lily buds, two snow pears, 350 grams of pork shank, a couple of honey dates, one litre of water

Serving size: For approximately four people

Photo credit: 愛料理

Snow pear, longan, gorgon fruit soup with spare ribs

An excellent nourishing dish, this soup is suitable for all ages since all the ingredients have different health benefits. Snow pear, coix seeds, and gorgon fruits can nourish the lungs, soothe the throat, and dispel ‘heat’ from the body. Longan, on the other hand, helps calm the nerves and mind. For those suffering from a phlegmy cough, honey dates can get rid of phlegm and strengthen the lungs.

Preparation time: Within two hours

Ingredients: 400 grams of spare ribs, three snow pears, 20 grams of coix seeds, 20 grams of gorgon fruit, 25 grams of longan, approximately four honey dates, three litres of water

Serving size: For three to four people

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