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Cute Halloween treat recipes for any party

By Ching Yuen 28 October 2019
The countdown to Halloween is ticking ever closer—only three days away!—and everyone in town knows we're suckers for a good Halloween party. For those of you who are hosting or going to Halloween parties with the boo crew, we have cute DIY recipes that make perfect snacks for any party, or even just for some family fun. No tricks, just treats, so grab some food colouring and chocolate eyes, and get ready to make some fantastically creepy bites!

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Frankenstein cupcakes

We cannot get over how cute these Frankenstein baby cupcakes are! As always, the key to cutesy snacks is in the decorations. Though Lizzy Mae Early made her own decorations in the original version of this recipe, feel free to pick up similar chocolate decorations in your local supermarket as substitutes! The bolts to the side of the head, as well as its massive eyes, are definitely highlights that pay homage to the original story of Frankenstein's monster. P.S. we do all know that Frankenstein is the name of the doctor who created the monster, and not the monster itself, right?

Halloween cake pops

These cake pops are perfect for any Halloween party and we’re sure that young guests will love them! All you have to do is to roll your cake mix into little balls, put them on the end of lollipop sticks, and get started with the decorating. There are three little monsters to this recipe: mini ghosts, mini Dr Frankenstein’s monsters and mini pumpkins. Some skills lies in mixing the perfect pastel colours, so start experimenting, then grab your toothpick and start drawing. Remember, less is more!

Ghost meringues

Crispy on the outside, soft and marshmallowy on the inside: of course we’re talking meringues here! Cupcake Jemma takes your normal meringue and puts a Halloween twist on them. Follow her instructions to whip up the perfect meringue base, before piping them into little ghost-like fountains. It’s up to you whether to use chocolate icing or just some melted chocolate for their faces; either way, have fun and draw on the perfect wailing faces so your little ghosts look like they just came off the set of Scream!

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Mummy Dogs

To mix in some savoury among the sweet treats, here are Mummy Dogs that would be a great addition to any Halloween party table! You only need four things for this easy recipe: tasty sausages, crescent dough, sliced cheese, and some mustard. Cut your dough and cheese into strips, wrap them around individual sausages, and off they pop into the oven! Once that’s done, you just need to put on the finishing touches: a couple of dabs of mustard for the mummy's eyes.

Bat bites

For those in desperate need of last-minute Halloween treats, here is a genius no-bake recipe, combining Oreos, peanut butter cups, and frosting in a batty manner. Take out the Oreo fillings, crack the biscuits in half, and you've already got yourself some bat wings, which you then attach to the peanut butter cups! Pro tip: if you haven't got frosting to stick the wings onto the cups with, you can use the Oreo filling. Just spread a tiny bit on the corners and press the biscuit halves onto the cups—trust us, they'll stay stuck. If you have the time, also dab on a little Oreo filling for eyes. Simple!

Monster eyeball cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies? Here’s a colourful recipe that even the most clumsy person in the kitchen can get right. Separate the dough into several batches and spice them up individually with different neon shades, so you end up with a rainbow mix of colours. To add a special Halloween factor, just press candy eyes into the cookies, as many or as little as you want, and voilà!

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Graveyard brownies

We've already gone through some of Halloween's most representative monsters, so here we have graveyard brownies as a nod to where they hang out. You can make things easy for yourself by just buying the accessories to put onto the brownies: any oval-shaped cookie for the gravestone, and pumpkin candies to take your brownies to the next level!

Pumpkin cakes

Moving onto some higher-level recipes, here are whole pumpkin cakes for those who see festivities as a chance to show off their baking skills. This recipe requires technique in cake assembling, as well as piping and moulding, but Preppy Kitchen has a cool tip to help you get those pumpkin ridges in. Cut out a large triangle on a piece of paper, and just use the corner to scoop up the excess icing from bottom to top to make the grooves!

Halloween brownie mix

This recipe is similar to the cake pops mentioned earlier, but the decoration on these brownie bites are seriously next level. Make sure you have your piping tools and colouring ready because you are in for a ride. There’s mummies, vampires, eyeballs, and graveyard worms to play around with. If you're really getting into the Halloween vibe, why not challenge yourself and come up with your own designs too?
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