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Find Your Breakthrough to Success and Joy with FreedomOne International

By Sponsored content 27 May 2019
Feeling like you're stuck in a rut, overwhelmed, or unfulfilled in your life or career? Well, turn your frown upside down as Danny Khursigara, founder of FreedomOne International is here to impact 50,000 lives in five years. Offering one-on-one or group coaching programs, Khursigara can help you transform your business in ways beyond imagination. And Localiiz readers who mention this article can receive a special discount on single private sessions offered in Hong Kong and Tokyo, too!

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Mostly all high achievers, peak performers and those at the top of their game in their fields have had a coach or mentor to guide them, provide direction, maintain focus and keep them accountable throughout their journey to success.

You'll find that most successful people are clear about what they want, they're focused and action-oriented and consistently follow success habits and disciplines that lead to achieving their goals. And this is best achieved by having an expert or a mentor by your side – enter Danny Khursigara.

As the founder of Freedom One International and Make a Change Foundation in Hong Kong, Danny Khursigara has helped hundreds of individuals across 3 continents create life-changing breakthroughs in business and life - as both are intertwined. He coaches top CEOs, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, meta-physical practitioners and international VIPs. With expertise in helping C-SUITE Corporate leaders in multicultural environments, Khursigara helps you overcome business growth and leadership challenges, and create a cohesive peak performance work culture that consistently delivers excellence, by winning the hearts and minds of a millennial workforce. Khursigara is also a partner at Owlpha-Omega, UK and advisory board member to SENsational Consultancy that specialises in providing employment for individuals with a disability.

For the past 19 years, he worked in capacities of COO and CFO for Fortune Global 500 banking institutions in Japan, China, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Here are just some of his most impressive achievements:

  • Co-authored the Amazon bestseller & Quilly award winner ‘Road to Success’ with Jack Canfield (from Chicken Soup for the Soul series).
  • Selected as TOP 100 Authority by Influence Magazine for 2017.
  • Co-produced the 2017 Tele award winning & Emmy nominated documentary film ‘Soul of Success’.
  • Author of Kindle bestseller Inside/Out – 8 Success Keys to Help Millennials Thrive that was launched at NASDAQ on Times Square in NYC last year.
  • FreedomOne International was awarded ‘most impactful & upcoming executive coaching and corporate training brand’ by Global Brands Magazine for 2018.
  • Appeared on TEDx in 2016
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Danny Khursigara : THE ROAD TO SUCCESS

Download the chapter 'Being Grounded In The Corporate World' from the bestselling book "The Road To Success." The Road to Success brings together several industry experts to co-author with Jack Canfield (from the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and America’s No#1 Success Coach) to help you achieve your goals in career, health and lifestyle. In most instances, it is said that whatever you want to achieve someone somewhere has already achieved it. Instead of reinventing the wheel learn from experiences of the experts to achieve your goals much faster. Hard copy now available at Bookazine stores in Hong Kong and Amazon & B&N.

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Inside/Out: 8 Success Keys to Help Millennials Thrive

  Your outside world is a mirror reflection of your inside world. What you feel inside shows up as your results in current reality. The extra gem inside this book is the interviews with individuals from various backgrounds and life experiences. "Simple, succinct and profound! I believe younger generations will transform & skyrocket their success by applying this information” - Dannion Brinkley, New York Times Bestselling Author Hard copy now available at Bookazine stores in Hong Kong and Amazon.

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"Danny helped me go through a huge business turnaround with a very clear vision, building a stronger and more engaged team delivering amazing results to the group both top line and bottom line. I would also never be grateful enough to Danny for helping me identify my true purpose in life and align it with my work."

Alessandra Andreani, President of LOEWE Japan, LVMH Fashion Group

"In a very short span of time, Danny help me and my organization to think from a bigger perspective, get all aligned around a common vision, leverage on positive strengths. The key learning I will never thank Danny enough for is how powerful clarity is: clarity of vision, of who you are, of the quality of relationship you want to have in your personal and professional life. Danny is a real game changer and I highly recommend and experience with him, both for individuals and teams."

Beatrice Monguidi, President / Representative Director, FENDI Japan

"Working with Danny is a game changer!!! I had the opportunity to be coached by Danny for only 4 months and I benefitted immensely from those sessions. Truly inspiring! He stressed the importance of a shared vision for the division which turned out to be a very powerful message as everyone in the team took ownership and exceeded expectations. Behaviours improved, trust was built and performance peaked in a short time frame"

Marcus Tong, Managing Director - Markets, Royal Bank of Scotland Singapore

"Simple, succinct and profound! I believe younger generations will transform & skyrocket their success by applying this information”

Dannion Brinkley, New York Times Bestselling Author

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