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Find the Right Domestic Helper with Maid For You

By Sponsored content 14 May 2019
Finding the right domestic helper can be a tiresome and overwhelming process – but it doesn't have to be! With the guidance of a highly professional team at Maid For You, an ethical, multilingual boutique agency, you can easily find a foreign domestic worker that's suitable for you and your family, without any of the hassle or confusion. Offering fully personalised services, from the initial consultation right through to your helper receiving her visa, we take a closer look at one of the most well-respected domestic helper agencies in Hong Kong, and what makes them stand out from the rest.

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What Makes Maid For You Unique?

Now in its 6th year of business, Maid For You provide services that are more akin to matchmaking or recruitment services. As opposed to traditional agencies, Maid For You focuses on the needs of its clients, the employers.

Personal Service

A lot of interaction these days is online, and while this affords an element of efficiency, Maid For You believes that nothing is more important than face-to-face interaction. More and more agencies in Hong Kong are "going digital", but Maid For You sees the importance of meeting clients and candidates in person as it gives much better insight to what the client wants, as well as whether or not a candidate is eligible. That is why each candidate is personally interviewed so that the team can help advise clients as thoroughly as possible.


Moving to a new country with different customs and languages is challenging enough. With a multilingual team, the staff are able to talk with clients in their native tongue and understand their cultural norms.

Finished Contract

The database at Maid For You consists entirely of foreign domestic workers who are finishing their contract and are able to process an application for a new employer in Hong Kong. This saves time, money, and headaches. The usual processing time for someone in the Philippines is 8 to 12 weeks, but if they are here in Hong Kong already and are not legally required to return home between contracts, the process can take a little as just four weeks. This also means that clients are able to meet candidates face to face and interact with them, providing further assurances of a better match.

Follow up

Not only does Maid For You guarantee placements, but through strong relationships with clients and candidates, it is always there once the employment has commenced. No issue is too big or small – the team is there to help. Offering guidance or mediation on a particular issue or stressor; follow-ups are made with things such as a timely reminder for a passport expiry or help point you in the right direction when travailing with your employee.


The Matchmaking

When matching an employer with an employee, Maid For You understands what the clients' want, and the kind of skills that come along with it. While things like cooking or childcare experience are easier to identify, it is often the softer skills or even personality matches that make the difference. Understanding people's individual preferences without judgment and working to find solutions to challenges is what makes the significant differences between just a good match, and a great match. With a reputation for placing employees in great environments, Maid For You receives about 90% of its candidates through referral Referral plays a large role – trusting someone to live and work in your home can be a big leap of faith, so it’s good to go with a company that has been recommended.

Ethics Matters

In essence, Maid For You cares. Being ethical isn’t just about fees, it’s about providing a comfortable, safe environment, where each person is able to be their unique self and is offered opportunities that are best suited to their strengths. Not only does the agency work closely with a number of NGOs to support their work, but it also tries to stay current on what avenues of assistance are available. A large majority of foreign domestic workers can often feel disempowered when working in Hong Kong – this is where Maid For You comes in. Through communication, providing education, access to assistance, or simply by giving a smile, a shoulder, or a tissue where needed, Maid For You strives to empower and uplift these people in each transaction. If you're seeking help in finding the right domestic helper, or simply want to learn more about the process, get in touch by calling (+852) 2885 9558, or head to its official website for all the latest updates at Maid For You and all the brilliant work they do.

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