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5 essential traits to nurture in your child

By Starlit Voice Sponsored | 30 July 2020

Over a couple of years or so, educational theorists have conducted much research on the importance of emotional intelligence. In essence, emotional intelligence relates to the capacity to distinguish and manage one’s own emotions, and also the emotions of others. Increasing amounts of research and studies believe that performing arts is one element that supports emotional intelligence, as it is able to engage the mind, emotions, and body that would also benefit real-life situations with empathy, understanding, emotional intelligence, and confidence, as well as to communicate with their varying counterparts.

Needless to say, it can be very beneficial to introduce performing arts to children, especially from a young age, as it nurtures and allows for the development of such life skills. The educators at Starlit Voice tell us about the essential traits that performing arts can help establish in young minds.



A benefit of performing arts is that it brings an alternative way of learning and a more abstract way to see the world, presented through creative expressive ways. Creativity is implemented all throughout the arts and it allows for the freedom of expression and imagination in children.

Not only does this benefit and stimulate a child’s imagination and creative development, but it can also help with other subjects in school, as well as improve real-life problem solving.


Communication skills

Another advantage of taking part in the performing arts at a young age is the improvement and development of communication skills. Acting or speech and communication lessons will provide the necessary skills and techniques to help with your child’s presentation skills, vocal projection, tone of speech, and articulation—important facets of being confident and self-assured individuals!


Cooperation and teamwork

Nobody is naturally born with the skills and ability to cooperate with other people; these are nurtured and taught how to over time. Performing arts encourages cooperation as it will allow your child to improve their social skills by working as part of a team, listening to others and expressing themselves, sharing, and making new friends.

It has been proven in studies that bonding in performance arts gives students a chance to find their identity earlier in life, making it easier to choose a major in college. Furthermore, performing arts has been linked to higher satisfaction in life. If sports isn’t your child’s hobby or favourite thing to do, they may well thrive in the arts, forming cliques and networks that could last a lifetime.



A fine balance between timidness and vanity produces confidence, the catalyst for success. Think about it: no matter how much potential your child has, they will never be able to exercise it if they’re limited by a self-deprecating mindset. Confidence in your child not only nurtures a growth mindset and allows them to believe they can achieve anything, but also inspires trust in others, elevating your child as a leader.



The final important aspect that performing arts does to a child is that it builds and develops resilience in oneself. Resilience is very important within the arts as it teaches children not to give up and finish what they started. Performing on stage allows students the chance to face their fear of embarrassment, to speak their lines even if they think they will mess up, regardless of the mistakes that may be made. Moreover, the arts teach students not to doubt themselves, which will boost their self-esteem as well .

We are sure that as loving parents who only want the best for your child, you’re already striving to cultivate most—if not all—of the above traits in them. But don’t let all the burden fall on you—why not let your kids realise these positive traits on their own?

With the performing arts Foundations program at Starlit Voice, kids will not only learn the basics of acting and body awareness, but also analyse characters and scripts, devise a performance from scratch, and create theatre for themselves. These guided experiences onstage will inspire them to let their imaginations run free, while cooperating with fellow thespians to bring creativity to life. Along the way, they will learn to form friendships, persist in their craft, and gain confidence in themselves once they’ve finished the play—but above all, they will have plenty of fun!

Taking place every Saturday, from September 5 to December 12, are two Foundations classes: Foundations A ($300 per class) is from 10 am to 11 am, while Foundations B ($420) runs from 11 to 12.30 pm. Is your kid too shy to go alone? Invite a buddy along, and you will both receive an additional 5 percent off upon emailing the company to identify your kid’s pal. What’s more, Starlit Voice is offering a special 10 percent discount just for Localiiz readers! Simply enter the discount code Localiiz10 when enrolling for a foundations course to bag the sweet deal.

The performing arts program is now open for registration, so enrol your kids in this one-of-a-kind extracurricular and watch them joyfully transform into the best version of themselves with Starlit Voice!

Starlit Voice

The folks at Starlit Voice have a simple mission: to give students the platform, tools, and skills to ask “What if?” through their performing arts programmes. Students learn and create in an environment where play is encouraged, led by a group of professional and passionate instructors.

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