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Why online tutoring is more effective than in-person tutoring

By Localiiz Branded | 12 November 2021

Virtual classes have become a huge part of people’s lives in the past two years, as a result of the pandemic and the subsequent social distancing measures. While it is an abrupt departure from the traditional modes of learning, which largely depends on in-person activities, many have since adjusted to, or even thrived on online learning. We consulted the experts at Linguabox for insight on online tutoring’s merits over in-person tutoring.

Increased flexibility

One of the biggest benefits of online tutoring is the flexibility it offers, from scheduling to class duration. You can pick a time that works best for you, and then take the class from anywhere. No more forcing yourself to wake up way too early to sit through lessons—you can learn when your mental state is at its best. The duration of a class is also flexible, so you can tailor it to your learning style for optimal results.

Learn at your own pace

Online lessons provide the option for you to pause, slow down, and repeat any part of the session whenever you want, without disrupting the overall flow of the class. This is not possible in traditional classroom settings, as it is highly unlikely that a teacher will be able to tailor the pace to each student. Learning online creates a safe space for students to master the subject matter without having to worry about being compared to their peers.

Lower cost

Going to learning centres or hiring a private tutor can be quite costly, as there are more expenses associated with in-person learning, from transportation fees to overhead costs. These expenses usually translate to higher fees for students, which can be deterring. Online tutoring relieves you of these unnecessary costs and allows you to only pay for the things that matter—the teaching and the learning.

All class materials and homework can be accessed online, so you can join from anywhere. As a result, there may be more incentive to stick to your learning journey and get more out of it in a shorter amount of time.

Linguabox is an online tutoring service that provides personalised, one-on-one Mandarin tutoring by skilled native teachers. Linguabox tailors the curriculum to each student’s needs, including speaking programmes, reading and writing programmes, and examination training. 

Students are taught using a host of engaging activities, such as games, songs, stories, and situational exercises, so as to learn through play. Advanced video conferencing software is adopted to ensure students will enjoy excellent sound and video quality without latency, as well as collaborate during class.

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Linguabox Group was founded in 2015 by two professional language teachers with the aim of offering the best personalised online Mandarin tutoring service to students of all ages worldwide.