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4 ways that learning French can be beneficial at any age

By Localiiz Branded | 9 March 2022

Header image courtesy of Alliance Française Hong Kong

Whether you are working in an international role that requires client-facing conversations in French, or hoping to enrich your children’s options for overseas studies, learning the ropes of the second most studied language in the world is a useful arrow to add to one’s quiver of skills.

Led by qualified, native French teachers adaptable to students of all ages, Alliance Française offers a diverse and exciting range of French classes from their arsenal. Welcoming all students to discover the joys of the language, here are some of their top reasons to study French.


Kids: Three to 10 years old

One widely accepted rule is that the optimal time for language learning is during early childhood, as children are described to have “brains like sponges” that are perfectly primed to soak up knowledge with ease. In fact, the practice of learning a new language itself contributes to improving the early cognitive development of young learners!

Various studies have suggested that young children who break away from monolingualism from an early age are able to grow up with a heightened range of cognitive capabilities. From enhanced mental flexibility to more advanced manners in approaching problem-solving, studying French can aid kids in strengthening the foundation of their intelligence.

Photo: Elliott Reyna

Teens: 11 to 17 years old

In today’s multicultural context, presenting additional languages besides the mother tongue on a university application has become more than just a bonus—it is now widely considered a need. What’s more, by adopting fluency at an earlier age, the doors to the world are flung wide open, allowing for more options when it comes to choosing where to pursue a good tertiary education. Many French universities and business schools enjoy a renowned ranking as some of the best higher education institutions in Europe and the world.

By applying strategies that transform students into independent learners, the French language skills covered in Alliance Française’s teen-focused courses help to build them a secure linguistic background, along with the supporting credentials. While the teens improve in terms of reading, writing, and listening, they are also gaining lifelong means of growing their language knowledge and continuing their improvement.


Young adult

Learning French during teenage years can be considered getting a foot in the door early, but further studying the language can bring about many advantages and opportunities in building a strong career. France boasts one of the largest economies in the world and has remained for many years a leading destination for international investment and relations.

The International Organisation of La Francophonie (OIF) consists of 88 member states and governments where French is the customary language, and all of which represent new places full of possibilities and growth. Through Alliance Française’s rotation of courses, young adults can become acquainted and comfortable with the French language, boosting their competitive advantage in these diverse international job markets.



One of the many pleasures of learning comes in the form of the journey itself. On top of the many benefits that stretch across the realms of brain functionality, education, and career prospects, taking part in French classes is a vibrant experience to enrich adult life.

Aside from employing teaching within a class setting, Alliance Française also hosts a plethora of cultural events that carve out a space for students to get in touch with the French language and culture, ranging from music performances to film screenings and much more. Even from the comforts of their home, students can pick out recommended titles provided by Alliance Française’s multimedia library to discover in their own time.

As part of their special offer, new students can receive an early-bird promotion of five percent off on Alliance Française classes! Applicable to semi-private sessions at their centres in Sha Tin, Jordan, or Wan Chai, the classes run from April to June 2022 as part of their spring term. 30 lessons are stretched over the course of 10 weeks; the regular class packages are priced from $3,000 and are available to all age groups.

What’s more, students with existing subscriptions to Alliance Française’s winter term can receive a total of 10 percent off as part of their super early-bird promotion as well when signing up for the spring term before 12 March, with a subsequent early-bird deadline on 26 March. What more are you waiting for? Hurry and sign up now to enjoy the offer, and get acquainted with langue française.

Alliance Française Hong Kong

Fostering French language and culture in Hong Kong since 1953, Alliance Française de Hong Kong is your premier stop for all things French. As a non-profit, Alliance Française offers French language courses to all ages with centres found across Hong Kong. This is part of L’Alliance Française, the largest network of French cultural associations in the world.