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PHOTOS: Dreaming Amid the Chaos

By Sophie Pettit 14 January 2016
Nestled in the midst of Hong Kong's non-stop madness, photographer and artist Christopher Button finds calm in the chaos. Pacing the streets with his analogue camera, he captures individuals caught up in isolated moments of contemplation among bustling streets and high-rise monsters. For a split second, our city is still. [caption id="attachment_44902" align="alignleft" width="330"]Button Christopher Button finds a moment of peace[/caption] As he gets ready to unveil his collection of photographs in his first solo photography exhibition, Some Dream, Button gives us a flavour of what to expect. "Hong Kong is a bustling, fast-paced place, and as a street photographer I see everything fly past me in a blur", he tells Localiiz. "So what stands out to me are things and people that are still. It’s this contrast in pace that interests me. I feel like a lot of my subjects are in a world of their own, that for that moment is not directly related to the one that surrounds them. It has a different pace." With an underlying theme of contrasts running throughout his pieces, Some Dream embodies Button's enduring fascination with urban life and the aesthetic uniqueness of Hong Kong. 'Dreamy' isn't exactly the first word that springs to mind when battling with the rush hour crowds, but it is this elusive side of our city that he perfectly captures. That said, Button's photographs certainly have a dream-like feel, often using cinematic lighting and moody shading to create a backdrop for the starring characters. "For me this city is a moving backdrop for the subjects of this show," he says. "Its endless palette of colours and tones fascinates me as much as the people I capture on film." But are his stars aware of their fame? "Haha, definitely not - I am quite sneaky." Beware of the Button people! [masterslider id="180"] Check out Christopher Button's Some Dream exhibition at ethos on March 4 to 6.
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Sophie Pettit


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