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Quiz: You know you are a typical Hongkonger if you do these things

By Ching Yuen 17 July 2020

Header image courtesy of Dragon Images (Shutterstock)

Everyone around the world has their own individual lifestyles and characteristics that set them apart, but Hongkongers carry a unique attitude that allows them to manoeuvre around the complicated maze that is our city. Some of the novel personality traits that we notice are quite common among local Hongkongers continue to shape us as a society, and whether it’s having an eye out for bargains or being experts at home remedies, let’s see how many you can tick off!

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Be honest: How many of these common Hongkonger personality traits did you manage to tick off? Take our quiz again after you’ve levelled up your Hong Kongness or share this quiz with your friends to see how guilty they are of these typical things that only Hongkongers do!

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Ching Yuen


Having lived in Hong Kong, Beijing, and London sure is a fun fact whenever people try to guess Ching’s accent. She loves switching between all these language channels and her “mother tongue” is just determined by how many drinks she’s had for the night! She loves movies, travelling, and exploring cities, from hidden alleys to gourmet dining, so feel free to hit her up if you need any suggestions for dinner!