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Quiz: How well do you know these nostalgic Hong Kong childhood shows?

By Ngai Yeung 21 September 2020

Header image courtesy of Ultraman Club (via Facebook)

Back in the day when we didn’t have mobile phones or lightning-speed internet connections, all we had was the good old telly. The best thing that happened after school was getting to watch the next episode of our favourite cartoons on TVB, diving into their worlds of fantasy, family, and side-splitting absurdity. From Doraemon and Dragon Ball to Dr Slump, how many of these can you remember from your Hong Kong childhood?

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Be honest: How many of these trivia questions on the shows that shaped Hong Kong childhood did you get right? Take our quiz again if you want to take another stab at a better score, or share this quiz with your friends and see how well they remember these delights from their own Hong Kong childhoods. 

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Ngai Yeung


Ngai was born and raised in Hong Kong and is currently studying at university in the United States. You can find her wandering around the city, experimenting with egg recipes and nerding out about the news.