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Quiz: Every Hongkonger has these things in their bag. Do you?

By Ching Yuen 28 May 2020

Header images courtesy of @francoimage and @hyw (Shutterstock)

Based on a humour article by Jen Paolini

There are an endless amount of situations that we need to consider and prepare for before leaving the house each day. Might we get caught in one of Hong Kong’s unpredictable rain showers, especially in the summertime? When chowing our way through that plate of choi sum over lunch, how will we avoid the shame of getting pieces of vegetable and leaf stuck in your teeth? 

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Hongkongers are nothing if not prepared, and will always have umbrellas, toothpicks, and tissues on standby, ready to be whipped out as needed. Considering how much time as we spend outside of our homes on a regular basis, either at work or just on the go with friends, is it really any wonder that Hongkongers seem to be especially well-equipped with, well, all sorts of stuff? From daily essentials to bizarre must-haves that are unique to our city, these habitual items may have become second nature to us, but they definitely stop new arrivals and tourists in their tracks.

Ask yourself: How much of a true Hongkonger are you if you don’t have these items in your bag at all times? Take our interactive quiz and find out!

How many of the items we featured do you cart around on the regular? Take our quiz again if you didn’t manage to get them all, or share this quiz with your friends who you can always rely on for a power bank or a pack of tissues!

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Ching Yuen


Having lived in Hong Kong, Beijing, and London sure is a fun fact whenever people try to guess Ching’s accent. She loves switching between all these language channels and her “mother tongue” is just determined by how many drinks she’s had for the night! She loves movies, travelling, and exploring cities, from hidden alleys to gourmet dining, so feel free to hit her up if you need any suggestions for dinner!