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10 up-and-coming local Hong Kong artists to look out for

By Faye Bradley 13 March 2020

Hong Kong’s art industry is like what most cities would expect—a thriving community of ambitious, creative individuals climbing their way up the ladder to get their names (and of course, their art) out. With the now super accessible gateway of social media and the internet, artists can share their passions with the local hub—and ideally, the world. Scaling back, we’ve rounded up some of the up-and-coming artists on our native radar and who to look out for on the Hong Kong arts scene this year and beyond.

Disclaimer: The writer of this article, writer and illustrator Faye Bradley, has included herself in this feature.

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Jasmine Tse

Graduating with a BA in Visual Arts from HKBU and an MA in Illustration from Camberwell College of Arts London, Illustrator Jasmine Tse explores narrative and storytelling through her digital art pieces, with an eccentric reminiscence of old-school comic books. Much of her work is inspired by daily observations and social issues in order to raise awareness on what she finds most important—particularly focused on Hong Kong. Her artwork has been commissioned by several notable brands during her career including Warner Music HK, HKU Space, and to name a few. Check out her portfolio here and follow her on Instagram here.


Michael Andrew Law

Contemporary artist Michael Andrew Law is a painter, Hong Kong film producer and art dealer with his own artspace Gallery Michael Andrew Law. He works large scale, primarily in humanity and figures with a modern twist—the traditional-style celebrity portraits which frequently take dominant centre-stage in his pieces are updated with abstract touches, resulting in a theme of fantastical new pop realism. His exhibit for the David Lynch Foundation was curated to help raise funds for the charity foundation to help reduce the epidemic of trauma and toxic stress in societies. Check out his portfolio here and follow him on Instagram here.


Gary Yeung

For those familiar with Sai Kung town, you’ve probably come across one of the delightful street wall murals painted by sketcher Gary Yeung. Co-founder of “Urban Sketchers” (a Hong Kong
sketching group) Yeung is a master at sketching and watercolour (understandably so), and frequently visits and documents locations which are at risk or being protected from redevelopment projects—so that he can raise awareness to the public of its beauty and capture the rural scenes before they are destroyed. His art focuses on a diverse range of city life, from the charm of the urban and rural. Check out his portfolio here and follow him on Instagram here.

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Louise Hill

The vibrant palettes on Louise Hill’s designs are inspired by her own photography, illustrations and patterns from her time living in Hong Kong. Although the artist is now based in Singapore, she integrates iconic elements from the city in her digital-turned print artworks, which are completed with a hand-painted finish in the detail upon closer inspection. Check out her portfolio here and follow her on Instagram here.


Karen Mai

Karen Mai is an artist and illustrator based in Hong Kong with a passion for watercolour. Her work varies from natural landscapes to urban city paintings with fine attention to detail. She will soon be exhibiting her work for Mall Galleries in London. Check out her portfolio here and follow her on Instagram here.


Faye Bradley

Born and raised in Hong Kong, artist and illustrator Faye Bradley pursued her education in the city before heading to the U.K. to study Art & Design at the University of Leeds. Upon her return to her hometown, she held an art gallery exhibition to celebrate with all her works painted during her Bachelor’s degree, based on the notion of dream landscapes and abstract Hockney-inspired canvases. She then moved from fine art and oil painting to develop something a bit more tongue-in-cheek—her illustration brand, Cha Siu Papers. A quirky, punny collection of humourous icons and foodie symbols with a Hong Kong-themed twist, the artist is now focused on working more closely with local brands and collaborating to curate custom-themed projects and illustrations. Check out her portfolio here and follow her on Instagram here.

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Bonnie Pang

Picking up art from an early age—from drawing to napkins to doodling on school notebooks—Bonnie Pang has always had artistic talent, particularly in illustrating. Born and bred in Hong Kong, this creative believes in the power of art to make positive changes to society—she’s illustrated narratives which include MindBound, a pro-environment piece, and Roar Street Journal, a wholesome animal comic. She frequently creates illustrations accompanying animal-themed Western children’s books. Check out her portfolio here and follow her on Instagram here.


Brendan Fitzpatrick

Award-winning figurative painter Brendan Fitzpatrick is an artist based in Hong Kong, having attended Central Saint Martins, the Royal Drawing School, and the Charles H. Cecil Studios in Florence. His impressive works are well-appreciated and recognised worldwide and he was rewarded with the Portrait Prize by the Royal Ulster Academy in 2018. Check out his portfolio here and follow him on Instagram here.


William Furniss

Encapsulating the iconic neon lights and bright-lit streets of Hong Kong—through the lens of rain-soaked skyscraper windows—William Furniss is an architectural and portrait photographer with a well-established career of over 27 years with a flair for the dramatic. Furniss’ work is sparked by his fascination with the urbanist environment, hence his moving from cityscapes from London to New York and now, Hong Kong. Clients include several prestigious hotels (The Peninsula and Grand Hyatt) and Cathay Pacific to name a few, yet his content online portfolio showcases his diversity and expertise in photography. Check out his portfolio here and follow him on Instagram here.


Chloë Cheuk

An artist passionate in installation, interactive media, photography and video, Chloë Cheuk is one to keep an eye on with her numerous artistic talents. Her primary focus in her work is to depict the structure of feelings between people and mechanical devices—and the emotions that come with it. She reconstructs daily objects with a conceptual twist and addresses themes predominantly in love and loss, freedom and suppression, and happiness and detachment. Check out her portfolio here and follow her on Instagram here.

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Faye Bradley


Faye Bradley is a freelance writer based in Hong Kong, covering topics in travel, wellness, F&B, and the arts. As the editor and business development executive for Cha Siu Papers Times and Compare Retreats, Faye has experience in writing predominantly about luxury travel and well-being. With a keen eye for finding hidden gems, exploring new destinations, and tasting best-of-the-best cuisines, she continues to pursue her love for writing about travel and visiting remote lands. You can find her by the pool with a good book and a mojito in hand.