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Enjoy your brews on the go with Chinese Tea Gallery’s new tea bottle!

By Localiiz Branded | 8 November 2023

Header image courtesy of Chinese Tea Gallery 

Cold-brew teas are all the craze as of late, with even the trendiest of bubble tea stores in the city adding them to their menu. Sharing a name similar to its popular coffee counterpart, cold-brew teas are also prepared in a similar fashion, often involving a lengthy process of infusing and chilling for maximum flavour—which is why they are often on the pricey side.

Prepping your own cold-brew tea with Chinese Tea Gallery’s new tea bottle might just be the best new addition to your healthy lifestyle! Its clean and sleek look resembles a wine bottle and makes for a great complement to any kitchen space or office pantry, and it completely simplifies the process of preparing cold-brew tea by being the only tool you need for the task.

Photo: Chinese Tea Gallery

Prepping your own cold-brew tea

We recommend prepping your tea just before bed so you can wake up to the perfect brew in the morning. If you’re a habitual tea drinker who goes through several bottles a day, prepare ahead with two or more bottles so there’s always one ready at hand in the fridge for when you need it! Compact in size and lightweight, you can even carry your tea bottle around with you without having to transfer its contents.

Photo: Chinese Tea Gallery

Besides the tea bottle, Chinese Tea Gallery has a variety of tea sachets on offer for your brewing needs. By purchasing sachets from the “Intellectual Series,” you can even grab your own cold-brew tea bottle at a discounted price! 

Whether you’re keeping the bottle for yourself, gifting it to friends and family, or, for restaurant owners, serving it in your establishment, Chinese Tea Gallery’s brand-new cold-brew tea bottle is perfect for you. Learn more about the offer here.

Want a closer look at the best cold-brew tea bottle in town? Drop by the Coxnatus Lifestyle pop-up shop to get your own bottle!

Where: K11 Natural, Shop 2, 2/F, K11 Art Mall, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Chinese Tea Gallery

Chinese Tea Gallery is a reputable tea company and supplier in Hong Kong with over 60 years of history. Chinese Tea Gallery serves as a bridge connecting people and tea, providing assistance and tea recommendations to help customers discover their next cup of tea, and appreciate the art of tea while enjoying life. Its business extends beyond the Hong Kong tea market, supplying teas to restaurants and companies in various countries for over 40 years, including the UK and the US.

(+852) 2816 2659

Room A, 6/F, Yam Hop Hing Industrial Building, 40–44 Kwai Wing Road, Kwai Chung