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Cathay Pacific Loves Travelling, Warts and All

By Brian Adams 20 January 2015
Travelling is not perfect, that’s why it’s so much fun. Ok, maybe not if your flight was delayed for hours or your hotel gave away your room. But the little bumps in our itinerary that lead us down alleys to places we would never find in a guidebook or the friendships we strike up in the unlikeliest situations, all shape our experiences with the world around us. The warts and all approach to travelling is a refreshing part of Cathay Pacific’s new campaign “Life Well Travelled”. Of course it doesn’t feature cancelled flights, spilled drinks in your lap after take-off, or being stuck on the tarmac for hours, but it does share some of the best, unexpected moments that turn a trip into a journey. Check out Cathay’s latest ads below and their interactive multimedia page here. What do you think? Will this campaign get off the ground?

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