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AIA Carnival and the Great Circus of Europe is back in town!

By Sponsored content 4 December 2019
Wondering where to find a place brimming with Christmas spirit to celebrate the winter festivities with your loved ones? Well, AIA Carnival has returned to town, just in time for Christmas and New Year’s, and they are staying all the way until Valentine’s Day! This year, the carnival is bringing more than just the thrill of rollercoaster rides—the Great Circus of Europe is also arriving in tow and bringing astonishing performances from all around the world. Is it just us or is anyone feeling The Greatest Showman vibes?
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What’s new at the AIA Carnival

Carnivals are the perfect place for an exciting wintertime get-together, whether you’re looking to entertain family big or small. If you’ve never been, then this year’s festivities will be especially impressive; brand-new fairground rides, game booths, photo opportunities, and dining options will make their debut, and they’re not to be missed. Missing the spooky atmosphere of Halloween? Hop aboard the Ghost Train, an ominous locomotive ride, for an eerie experience. Or you can brace yourself for the Inversion, a 360-degree spinning thrill ride, as well as the Starflyer, which offers a stunning bird’s-eye view of Hong Kong. Old favourites like the wave swinger, bumper cars, bungee trampolines, and River Rapids make an epic return, providing an eclectic mix of exciting rides fit for adults and attractions for the little ones.

What to go to the Carnival and get tokens for free? Enter our competition to win tickets here now!

[embed][/embed] Of course, the AIA Carnival is not just for families—it’s also a strategic location to woo your date, where you can win a cute toy for your beloved or grip each other’s hands while on a thrilling rollercoaster ride... whew! Just imagining it is making us blush! Impress your date with toys to be won at the game booths, with new prizes like plush toys featuring characters from Marvel’s Avengers, Abominable, The Snowman and The Snow Dog waiting for you. On the other hand, if you are aiming for a more laid-back night, take it easy with AIA Carnival’s interactive displays, such as the English Fairy Light Garden and a Dinosaur Park for some memorable Instagram snaps with your friends and family. All that excitement and running around is sure to get your tummy rumbling, but celebrity chef Christian Yang has seen to that. The culinary darling of Hong Kong is overseeing the Carnival’s food selection and on-site menus to present a whole new range of gourmet treats and heart-warming drinks, so you will be fed anywhere, anytime. From piping hot ramen bowls and iconic hot dogs to freshly-roasted coffees to keep you up all night, there’s something delicious for everyone. Additionally, for the first time, AIA Carnival is presenting new saving opportunities! If you buy tickets online ahead of the opening of the Carnival, opt for add-on token bundles, which will get you bonus tokens. Let’s break down the maths: for example, if you buy 20 tokens, you’ll get an additional two VIP tokens; buy 30 tokens and get four VIP tokens; buy 50 tokens and get seven VIP tokens. Why wait?
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The Great Circus of Europe

Just the thought of a Christmas circus already has us jumping in joy! Returning by popular demand, ring mistress Hayley Gandey, a third-generation performer from the legendary Gandey Circus Family, is back to lead her motley troupe of amazing acrobatic performers. Bringing unbelievable and astounding acts from all around the world right to Hong Kong, this is the perfect night out for the entire family or a destination for an unforgettable date night. All we can say is: get ready to be blown away. Brace yourself to laugh your head off while watching a hilarious clown duo entertain the audience with their hysterical antics. If you are in the mood for some more action, the seven-person Super Springboard Daredevil group will be jumping, diving, and flying through the air in incredible syncronised motion. Taking acrobatics to the next level, the Russian Bar athletes will test the limits of their strength, dexterity, and agility as they perform tricks on a single narrow bar with impeccable balance. Don’t dare blink—you might miss something breathtaking!
[embed][/embed] Acts like Rola Rola, the balancing artist, will elicit gasps of shock as the audience will watch him rise to great heights while maintaining his balance on the most difficult combination of objects. And no circus would be complete without a trapeze act! This one-of-a-kind Chilean swinging trapeze artist is free as a bird and as elegant as a ballerina—watch her spread her wings and soar from the very top of the tent. The Aerial Straps couple will also be taking to the air, dancing and twirling in a romantic embrace. Oh, did we mention she’s only hanging in the air by her hair? For a final boost of life-threatening excitement, a squad of five motorbikes will perform a dance sequence going full speed… inside a metal globe of death! Guests can purchase tickets here at a discounted price until 12pm, 12 December 2019—the Carnival’s opening day.
AIA Carnival early-bird offer Adult: $120 includes entry and 10 tokens; Child: $80 includes entry and 7 tokens; Token Bundle: $300 includes entry and 30 tokens Tickets will resume to their original price after 12pm, 12 December 2019.   AIA Carnival online prices Adult: $130 includes entry and 10 tokens; Child: $85 includes entry and 7 tokens; Token Bundle: $300 includes entry and 30 tokens   AIA Carnival at-gate prices Adult: $130 includes entry and 10 tokens; Child: $90 includes entry and 7 tokens; Token Bundle: $300 includes entry and 30 tokens Adult and children: $40 for entry only   Additional token bundle offers (available online from now until 23 December) Buy additional 20 tokens ($200), get two free VIP tokens Buy additional 30 tokens ($300), get four free VIP tokens Buy additional 50 tokens ($500), get seven free VIP tokens *VIP tokens can be used for games and rides   The Great Circus of Europe presents Unbelievable Every Circus ticket includes entry to the Carnival: VVIP: $550; VIP: $420; Premium: $265; Standard: $200 Standard seat family package: $700 (2 adults + 2 children)

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