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5 Reasons to Sign Up For an Organic Vegetables Delivery Plan

By Sponsored content 5 August 2019
We all have times when we wrestle with sticking to our health resolutions, especially when we live in a city where delicious foods are just a few steps away. If you are in need of some serious health inspo (and a change of pace), we’ve got five reasons why switching to an organic vegetables delivery plan could be the answer to your struggles:

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1. Fresh organic vegetables are better for you

As organic vegetables and produce have been scientifically proven to carry more beneficial nutrients than their conventionally-grown counterparts, there is no doubt that they are healthier for everyone. If you are the one making the dining decisions for your family, opting for organic produce is the best way to avoid allergic reactions to chemicals and preservatives in kids, as well as reduce their exposure to foods treated with pesticides.

2. Reliable and consistent shopping experiences

Raise your hand if this scenario sounds familiar: you are shopping at a major supermarket chain, you successfully cross off 60 percent of your grocery list, you pack up your haul and lug it to the next destination, where you cross off the next 20 percent, and by the time you get to your final supermarket stop, it is late and you’ve just spent four hours doing the shopping. Hongkongers are busy people, and a lot of us are too busy to spend half the afternoon shopping for food to cook at home. So why not try an organic vegetables service that delivers straight to your door, like Eat Fresh? With a wide selection of certified organic fruit and vegetables in their system, doing your bi-weekly groceries can easily be done on your morning commute. Feed that online shopping addiction of yours—with stuff you actually need.

3. Give home-cooking and healthy recipes a go

Now that you are fully equipped with bag loads of fresh organic vegetables—what’s next? This could be the perfect opportunity for health-conscious foodies to try their hand at meal prepping for the busy week ahead. Instead of dining out every night—where it is much harder to say no to the bountiful options of unhealthy eats—staying at home and focusing on putting your meal together leads to more conscious decisions about what you put into your body. Plus, the internet is a beautiful, vast place filled with ideas for easy, healthy recipes. Eat Fresh has a well-rounded catalogue on their site and Instagram to get you started.

4. Reduce plastic waste and your environmental impact

Eat Fresh is the first organic vegetables delivery business in Hong Kong that has pledged to eliminate plastic from their delivery process. Opting for reusable cooling bags instead, customers can trust that they are playing an active part in saying no to harmful, excessive waste and keeping single-use plastic out of circulation—perfect for that next step in reducing your impact on the environment.

5. Support local businesses that do good

Small, local enterprises that promote an alternative business model often need a helping hand, and championing businesses who share the same core values is just one way of showing support. Martina Bin, director of Eat Fresh, is a staunch health advocate and coach who has been recognised in the Asian Entrepreneur, and her mission to improve the wellness industry drives her to provide a safe, nourishing, and flavourful food option for people in Hong Kong. Aside from pledging to use as little packaging as possible during the delivery process, Eat Fresh partners with local farms to ensure not only the best quality produce for their customers, but also an ethical farm-to-table business practice.
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About Eat Fresh

Eat Fresh was started in 2011 by three Hong Kong-based mums, whose concerns for food safety and fresher produce prompted them to discover a whole new world of organic farmers in the New Territories. Eat Fresh director Martina, whose background in health coaching has helped transform this family-run business, believes that a healthy body and a clear mind start with a healthy plate, and a healthy plate starts with well-selected products and the freshest fruits and vegetables. [/one_half_last]

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