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10 Ways to Sleep Better When You're Pregnant

By Contributed content 4 March 2019
The biggest complaint that every pregnant woman has is a lack of sleep.  While sleep is essential for both Mum and baby, your eyes refuse to shut close. Even if you feel exhausted most of the time, you can’t just seem to fall asleep. To help overcome this state of constant exhaustion and sleep deprivation, content writer and mother of two Stepheny from news outlet has put together a list of 10 simple tips to help you sleep like a baby every night.
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Sleep When You Are Tired

During pregnancy, it is quite common to feel sleepy during the day. So, if you feel tired and lazy in the day, there’s nothing to worry about. Do not deprive your body of taking a rest while it’s tired. It is also absolutely alright to opt for an early night. Don’t force yourself to sleep – just give your body what it needs, and you will sleep much more comfortably than usual.

pregnancy sleep tips

Say ‘No’ To Caffeine

Stop caffeine consumption when you are pregnant. Caffeine affects your sleep cycle by keeping you awake for longer than usual. It affects the quality of your sleep and can cause you to wake up every now and then at night. You might also feel restless at night due to an excess of caffeine in your body. However, if you’re seriously struggling and craving a cup of coffee, then we’d suggest you reduce your intake and have it in the morning. This way, your body has plenty of time to get the caffeine out of your system.

Keep Your Room Well Maintained

Arrange your room in a way that makes you comfortable. For instance, you can invest in some fragrant candles so that your room smells nice. Keep the room dark during the night, so that you get sound sleep. Buy heavy curtains if you don’t have them already. Soft music or melody might also help you fall asleep faster. Switch off your cell-phone and give your body some time to loosen up and relax.

Keep Yourself Physically Active

Pregnancy is not an excuse to skip exercise. There are many pregnancy friendly exercises which will keep your body active. Do not lie in bed all day. Get your body moving and go out on walks or try yoga. This will help you stay fit and healthy. The physical movements will burn energy and help you fall asleep faster, after a long and tiresome day. It will also increase your blood circulation and will reduce cramps during the night. Just make sure you don’t exercise right before you go to bed. Otherwise, you will end up feeling more awake and active at night instead.

Your Mattress Matters

It’s surprising how the bed you sleep in can contribute to the quality of your sleep. During pregnancy, body pain is quite common. So, it is important that you invest in a mattress that provides support to your back and hip areas. Always try the mattress before buying it. As much as you might be tempted to buy a soft mattress, do not buy one. Those might not provide you with the proper support that you need during such time.

Sleeping Position and Schedule

With a baby in your tummy, finding the right position to sleep in can be quite tricky. This is where pillows come to your rescue. Place a pillow under your legs or between your legs when you sleep sideways or on your back. This will provide extra support to your hips and help you sleep comfortably. To make life even easier, invest in some affordable pregnancy pillows, which can provide the extra support that your body needs at night.

Do Not Overstress and Relax

Stress can be a source of sleepless nights. If you constantly worry or are tense about something, you will not be able to sleep soundly at night. If something is bothering you, try to talk to a friend or someone close and try to resolve it. Worrying about it and feeling anxious during the night will not help you feel better. If you feel restless all the time, try meditating to calm your mind. It’s crucial that you feel at peace and keep a clear head.

Drink More Water and Eat Portioned Meals

Learn to accept the fact that you need to drink loads and loads of water, and possibly pee every hour. Drink as much as possible during the day and limit your water intake before going to bed. This way, you will not have to wake up every hour for a bathroom break. Also, try not to avoid overeating, or you run the risk of feeling heavy and bloated, as indigestion can also disrupt your sleep cycle. Eat small portions throughout the day. This way you will burn the food easily and not feel too hungry or too full. Make sure you add fruit and vegetables to your diet and avoid spicy and acidic food.

Maintain a Proper Routine and Schedule

Get your daily routine fixed and make sure it includes time for workouts, shower, eating. You can take out time for reading a book, or even a spa day. Eat from time to time and set some time aside for a little nap during the day. If you are working during pregnancy, then factor in some relaxation time after you get back home. It’s extremely important that you maintain a healthy lifestyle and take care of yourself and your baby.

The Importance of Temperature Control

Due to hormonal changes, the body temperature may rise when pregnant. You may break out in sweats and get hot flashes in the middle of the night. So, keep a low room temperature to keep the room cool and snuggle up with a blanket.
Good sleep is important for digestion and the growth of the baby. If the mother feels properly rested, the baby will also stay healthy. Soon-to-be mothers face plenty of difficulties and a messed-up sleep cycle is one of the most difficult to deal with. The changes that your body goes through during pregnancy make it even more difficult to find the right sleeping position, especially when your tummy gets in the way. It is essential that you rest well at night. If you follow these tips, you will feel fresh and energetic in the day and sleep well at night.
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