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01 Oct - 31 Oct

The Mills presents: “Immersive Journey of Junji Ito”

By Localiiz 19 August 2021

Event Information

START DATE 01 Oct 2021
END DATE 31 Oct 2021
The Annex, M/F, The Mills, 45 Pak Tin Par Street, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong
(+852) 3979 2300

This October, The Mills welcomes you to dive into the “Immersive Journey of Junji Ito” and relish in a world of horror and imagination! As one of the most notable horror mangaka of our time, Junji Ito is known for contrasting his daunting yet captivating world of horror with distinguishably delicate pen strokes. His works have been translated into up to 12 languages for readers across the globe.

“Immersive Journey of Junji Ito” features impressively detailed story settings inspired from the pages of his mangas, transforming The Annex and using life-size figures to bring the scenes of terror before the eyes of every visitor who dares to step foot within. Petite exhibition halls were also selected for this programme to dial up the shock factor in crammed, condensed spaces so visitors can best experience Junji Ito’s imaginative world of horror and aesthetics.

The five exhibition areas include: “Lovesick Dead,” “Souichi’s Convenient Curse,” “Slug Girl,” “Town of No Roads,” and “Tomie’s Haunted House.” Inside, life-sized manga characters, plus eerily detailed settings, will place put you right in the midst of his tales of terror. Finally, read about Junji Ito and relish in mini replicas of his manga characters in the sixth and final exhibit.

Tickets for The Mills’ “Immersive Journey of Junji Ito” will be on sale through e-platform Bookyay from 19 August, with an early bird discount if you book by 5 September. Each pre-sale ticket will come with a complementary The Mills x Junji Ito limited-edition tea towel. So mark your calendars, Ito fans!


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