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01 Oct - 15 Sep

Objective x Tumi-isi Exhibition 2021

By Localiiz 27 September 2021

Event Information

START DATE 01 Oct 2021
END DATE 15 Sep 2021
Objective Lifestyle Shop, 50 Sai Street, Sheung Wan
(+852) 2882 1530

Tumi-isi’s original and intriguing woodblocks, each made by hand with century-old wood from Nara in Japan, are going to release their stories through launching an unprecedented exhibition at Objective Lifestyle Shop from 1 to 15 October 2021. 

Originated and handcrafted in Higashiyoshino in Nara Prefecture, the Tumi-isi label led by A4 design office has been receiving tremendous attention since their establishment in 2008. An original and timeless toy carefully cut, polished, and coloured by Japanese artisans, Tumi-isi’s remarkable building blocks are inspired by the stones and pebbles found in Japanese streams. Unassuming as they may appear, these woodblocks are a great way to stimulate creativity and immerse one into a state of zen through thoughtful balancing and arrangement.

The upcoming collaborative exhibition with Objective will unfold the rich brand stories of Tumi-isi and debut the rare-wood Black Persimmon Wood Edition balancing block sets, which will be available at the store in limited quantities. The exclusive Hong Kong’s Objective Edition will also be re-launched, along with other highlights including magnified versions of Tumi-isi sponge blocks and a mini market of Tumi-isi colourful woodblocks for visitors to pick their own collection of Tumi-si. 

Click here to register for the Objective x Tumi-isi Exhibition 2021. 


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