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18 Sep - 13 Feb

Lung Fu Shan Environmental Centre presents: “What’s bothering you, Mr. Bird?”

By Localiiz 20 September 2021

Event Information

START DATE 18 Sep 2021
END DATE 13 Feb 2022
No.50, Kotewall Road, Mid-Levels (near University Drive entrance)
(+852) 2975 9031

Hong Kong’s identity as a concrete jungle has seldom been contested, yet aside from us humans toiling away in tall office buildings, animals of all sizes also reside in our city. Countless animals accompany us through springs and summers, but just how well do we know them? This September, Lung Fu Shan Environmental Education Centre presents with guest curator Project Crow the exhibition “What’s bothering you, Mr. Bird?” The exhibition takes as inspiration the frustrations humans and animals experience, designing a series of games that allow visitors to experience first-hand the daily lives of different animals.

Through a series of 10 games, the exhibition invites visitors put themselves into the shoes of different animals and learn about their way of life, inconveniences, and frustrations. Are toads boring for having dull-coloured skin as camouflage to avoid predators? Would birds get tired of the choices of food limited by their beak length? Unable to control where they land, would the powerful jump of the grasshoppers be too much and bring them to uncharted, dangerous territories? Experience for yourself and find out!

The exhibition will be open to the public from 18 September (Saturday) onwards. If you love animals or are curious about the inner workings of nature, bring along your friends and family to this playground of excitement!


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