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16 Sep - 23 Oct

Gallery HZ presents: “The Happy Hours” solo exhibition by Ghost Mountain Field

By Localiiz 15 September 2021

Event Information

START DATE 16 Sep 2021
END DATE 23 Oct 2021
Gallery HZ, 222 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan
(+852) 6101 7783.

Header image courtesy of the artist Ghost Mountain Field and Gallery HZ

Gallery HZ is delighted to present “The Happy Hours,” a solo exhibition by Hong Kong artist Ghost Mountain Field. This is the artist’s second solo presentation at Gallery HZ, following his first titled “Chop Suey” in 2020. The exhibition will run from 16 September to 23 October 2021

The Happy Hours is a culmination of Ghost Mountain Field’s multifaceted practice, showcasing new works exploring entertainment culture through Cantonese pop culture and social traditions, and how they influence cultural taste within the context of contemporary Asia. It is a gleeful celebration of Cantonese traditions and entertainment that prompts viewers to contemplate on the shifting cultural landscape of contemporary Asia through pop culture motifs and symbolisms. While globalisation and multiculturalism have propagated generic standards of perceptions, the artist reminds us that much is to be appreciated in the beauty of diversity.


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