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23 Jul - 08 Aug

Hong Kong a la Carte presents: “Summer 2021 Scavenger Hunt”

By Localiiz 12 July 2021

Event Information

START DATE 23 Jul 2021
END DATE 08 Aug 2021

Header image courtesy of Ryan Mcmanimie (via Unsplash)

Love a good puzzle, fun trivia, or treasure hunts? Hong Kong a la Carte’s city-wide Hong Kong-themed scavenger hunt is the perfect summer activity for you. Designed to highlight the city’s history and culture, the hunt features 15 missions and one final challenge, and the winning team gets a private helicopter tour of Victoria Harbour!

It all kicks off on 23 July, but you are free to complete the tasks at any point until 8 August. And the best part? Not everyone on the team has to be there physically— which is perfect for any of your friends who are in quarantine and bored of Netflix. Click here for more information and to register!  


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