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08 Jul - 08 Jul

Bianca Lau Comedy presents: “Bianca’s Hot N Spicy Standup Comedy Night”

By Localiiz 24 June 2021

Event Information

START DATE 08 Jul 2021
END DATE 08 Jul 2021
TakeOut Comedy Club, 34 Elgin Street, Soho, Central
$150 (advance ticket); $200 (day-of-show ticket)

Bianca Lau Comedy is bringing you the hottest and funniest comedians in town, taking some of that July heat and cooking up some delicious comedy! In true NYC comedy spirit, who’s ready for some unfiltered, extreme witty funny acts? You! 

In a brutal world of standup comedy, for the very first time, a woman is producing shows in an actual comedy club in Hong Kong. Hosted by comedian Bianca Lau, “Bianca’s Hot N Spicy Standup Comedy Night” will feature a stellar lineup of funny folks you won‘t want to miss, including Steve LeeBryan Bentley, David Wolber, Nick Milnes, Kate, and Bianca Lau herself! 

Click here to get your tickets! 


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