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01 May - 25 Jun

ADM Capital Foundation x A.L.A.N. presents: “Break the Chain” street art campaign

By Localiiz 10 May 2021

Event Information

START DATE 01 May 2021
END DATE 25 Jun 2021
Locations across the city

ADM Captial Foundation, an environmental NGO, and A.L.A.N. (Artists who Love Animals and Nature), a collective art group, are launching “Break the Chain,” an innovative public street art campaign aimed to stop wildlife traffickers by showcasing living art in our city in the form of Instagram filters. 

Through the use of art and technology, these living mural arts hope to earn public support for the Members Bill to step up the fight against the illegal wildlife trade, urging for wildlife crime offences to be incorporated into Hong Kong‘s Organised and Serious Crimes Ordinance (OSCO). This will facilitate criminal investigations of the syndicates behind the crimes rather than the carriers caught red-handed, ultimately breaking the chain of wildlife trafficking.

To support the passage of the bill, the campaign is aiming to collect 10,000 plus signatures from concerned citizens. The petition can be accessed via a mini-site accessed via QR codes on the murals or

There are currently 12 locations and 15 local artists participating in the campaign, with the number growing by the day. These city-wide art pieces highlight some highly trafficked flora and fauna such as rhinos, pangolins, sharks, elephants, orchids, etc. Thanks to AR technology, the audience can observe and interact with these endangered species in front of the living murals. Check out for updated locations and information, videos, and the link to sign the petition!


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